To mask or not mask

It has been highly recommended to have every one wear a mask. It is supposed to prevent the spread of a virus. Yet it has been reported that a large number of people that contracted it WERE wearing masks.

So, thinking along the lines of a plandemic, what could be the underlying reason to wear a mask? To conceal our identity? What a great conditioning! Already there are those that say they don’t identify with a specific gender. So now there are people that say they are neither male nor female wearing masks. Doesn’t that make them very neutral?

Masks are also a sort of isolation. They keep others from seeing our expressions. I guess that way no one gets offended. Because heaven knows we need to be aware of not offending others :roll_eyes:.

Remember all those dystopian movies where everyone wore the same “uniform” and didn’t question what the powers that be told them? The masses are much easier to control when they all dress the same way and individualism is removed.

Do masks help curb the spread of Covid-19? Maybe.

Could there be another underlying reason? Absolutely!

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Of Course…


Just had a job interview and masks were required. Terrible awfull experience. 2 pairs of beady eyes sticking out of a mask having a muffled conversation with eachother.

My opinion is that its a game of simple simon says,
as putting a mask on , shows you obey .
them that dont obey are clear to see.
covid is a hoax.

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Man O Man :scream:


Ugh! But were you also 6 ft apart :roll_eyes:
Hope you get the job, if want it

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Masks are great when playing poker…

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Except they have closed all the poker games in Colorado. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No but he made sure to avoid the hand shake ritual.

Masks also lets you mouth dirty words LoL

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What? No handshake? No gloves? :wink:

I also wonder how many robberies have been commited due to masks lol

I wondered about that too! LoL

Call to police station,

I was robbed

Police…can you describe the suspect…

Person was wearing a mask…


Sigh…we have a few hundred suspects in the immediate area…


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Lol, now THATS funny :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The Danes have just done a study, the biggest 1 yet and found that masks are ineffective in stopping viruses…but will contain plenty of bacterium and spores if worn for long periods of time.


I like how Italy have reacted.

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