To Sock..or Not To Sock

Puppet that is

Not to be confused with a Muppet

muppets tv show GIF

Which is also a puppet

They come in many different shapes forms and sizes. Some get too big for their britches others fade away like a burnt out wannabe Rockstar

Like clones yes? Clones do and say what is programmed - puppet

No how about all these activists with pedo charges? More puppets

Doing and acting as they’re told, glorified as the puppet they are.

Sometimes they’re referred to as dummies

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But who’s really paying attention to the person behind the sock

To sock or not to sock that is the question


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Sry…could not resist.

Dont be so paranoid?

Have a good week… :sunflower:



“Which in this case…instead of a coin it’s just a sock that becomes like every other sock.”


I was just thinking about this movie this morning.

I own it too.

Good day to you Enik.

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Hi mzzls!

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Shoot back in the day during my sailor years I “heard”…lol…socks were used for other things that I dont really want to repeat on here…lets just say that some people had what they called “happy socks” stuffed away in their racks…pretty gross when you are cleaning out a berthing and you stumble upon a stiff sock…eewwwww!


Donny we barely know each other and you’ve read my mind.

Sweet dreams

Merry Christmas Reaction GIF by Brett Eldredge


Toes sticking together?


Wow…not a very bright place to be…its so dark dank and smells of sex and candy…damn I better get outta your head…oh wait I am still in mine!

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I thought it was a duck foot when I pulled my sock off.

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LMAO……………… :laughing: :rofl:

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Its only so funny to you because…you know…right…you know.

Never been web toed from a sock wank.

I always had a lady since I was 16 yo.

Luckily I’m a handsome devil :slight_smile:


And when you let the air out of her, she folds up neatly into a suitcase and goes everywhere you go lol

J/k :rofl:


Not at all. I have a beautiful wife. :slight_smile:

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Do you know what they say about men who wear big shoes?

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:+1:t2: I know :wink:

What about you?

Still dating Miss Rosey Palms?

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23yrs and still going strong :grinning::+1:t2:

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