Topics closing after 3 days of no replies? Can this be changed?

Any ideas Lukas? One could be away from the pc for 3 days or longer and then the thread is canned as a result.

Is this to mitigate the amount of threads? I know I’ve been anti thread, too many threads but this sorta puts a handicap on our threads.


Hope you don’t mind me jumping on your bandwagon mate, but I was gonna ask if we can see the thread author avatar as well as last comment…I thought the three days timeline was a bit toight too :beers:

Toight like a tiger.

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It’s almost like loosing the last Dtv. All your work is for nothing skip except its only up for 3 days after last comment now, so even worse.

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Is it deleted or just closed?..I assumed it was still readable but just couldn’t be commented on? :beers:

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Hey I dont mind at all, the wagon has cold beers :smiley:

I was thinking the same too actually, see who the author is before you click on it etc.

This seems annoying to me too, every time I start typing, this box comes up saying… No idea what that means?

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3 months would be ok, but 3 days is way too short.

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Outstanding…with 26 years to go we might as well enjoy it :wink:…as for that box, I haven’t had that pop up so can’t offer anything there :beers:

Oh. Duh. Probably just closed. This is how rumors start.

Me no smart.

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I know what you mean, ive been really made up ive had 2.3k views on my 1st post, its nothing special but its encouraging to know its got some interest, everyday im checking to see if its still there. Be a downer if it gets taken off so soon. Ay, we’ll have to say iya an comment to our own posts so they dont get deleted. Why did everything have to change so much, im still confused with the new dtv, i like it but liked it well better the way it was. :crazy_face:

The whole forum idea changed. so others then open a new one when a new info after 4 days comes out you might wanne add. A bit short the 3 days.

:+1: Agree!! RE: "see the thread author avatar as well as last comment…"


I am trying to figure out how people are commenting on old posts that 2 years old or more. They are bringing up long posts so old we have even forgotten them

You’ll probably still get your views but no more commenting down below.

3 days seems fair considering the redundancy of many posts. Same things over and over just packaged or labeled differently.
Example, “The Great Reset” is merely an extension of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Vision 2050, as all UN Sustainable Development agendas and going on in plain sight since the end of the 20th century but now not a conspiracy because “Main Stream News” says it’s real. Blah, blah, blah, yawn.:grin::joy::roll_eyes:

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It could also lead to people wanne keep threads alive artificaly and so on

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There’s nothing new under the sun. There’s nothing said that hasn’t already been said albeit in slightly different ways. So if a post remains “deserted” after 3 days, it’s a dead fish.
The NEW Disclose? Not really, same dead fish floating, it’s inevitable. Even I got tired of throwing dead fish in a mostly shallow body of repetitive information. But I come back out of boredom, but mostly because of a few connections I made here. And when I do comment, I know I’ve said it before 10, 20, 100+ times. :roll_eyes::grin:

Lol, I’m not 100% mate…could end up in the bin too :beers:

I figured there’s room down the side why not lol…watch this space :beers:

Too many open tabs with open replies.