Treasures dating back some 9,500 years is uncovered in Alpine glaciers as climate change causes ice to melt

While this isn’t intended as a climate change thread, the melting glacial ice is opening up a new field in archaeology…wait for it…Glacial archaeology :scream:

Now, rewinding a bit, we can now unveil a group climbed the steep mountainside, clambering across an Alpine glacier, before finding what they were seeking…A crystal vein filled with the precious rocks needed to sculpt their tools…That is what archaeologists have deduced after the discovery of traces of an ancient hunt for crystals by hunters and gatherers in the Mesolithic era, some 9,500 years ago…

While archaeologists lament the devastating toll of the ice melting, many acknowledge it has created “an opportunity” to dramatically expand understanding of mountain life millennia ago…

“We are making very fascinating finds that open up a window into a part of archaeology that we don’t normally get,” said Marcel Cornelissen, who headed an excavation trip last month to the remote crystal site near the Brunifirm glacier in the eastern Swiss canton of Uri, at an altitude of 2,800 metres (9,100 feet)…

It wasn’t long ago that it was thought the mountains may have been gone a wide berth by people in ancient time, but now it appears more likely the mountains might not have been as inhibitive as previously though…

Rare organic materials…

The Schnidejoch pass, a lofty trail in the Bernese Alps 2,756 metres (9,000 feet) above sea level, has for instance been a boon to scientists since 2003, with the find of a birch bark quiver – a case for arrows – dating as far back as 3,000 BCE. Later, leather trousers and shoes, likely from the same ill-fated person, were also discovered, along with hundreds of other objects dating as far back as about 4,500 BCE.

“It is exciting because we find stuff that we don’t normally find in excavations,” archaeologist Regula Gubler told AFP. She pointed to organic materials like leather, wood, birch bark, and textiles, which are usually lost to erosion but here have been preserved intact in the ice…

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Wow what a topic man,
oh you bring so much great stuff to dtv, amen brother im going to love reading about this and checking out the vintage swords and other things like the knives etc,
top job brother,
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Cheers bro, just trying to do my bit to help out here hopefully…

I’m always loving these weird places people turn up…might be inhospitable, but that doesn’t mean uninhabitable…and otzie the iceman may not have been the warrior he’s portrayed as…likely a thief being taken care of by farmers…

Stoked you enjoyed mate, cheers :beers:


Grest post. I find it amazing that after all this time they are still here for us all to find. It begs the question though, what happens to all of the other relics that are kept secret and out of sight, and by whom?


And where do they go…



Another great post. I just want to point out people who fear climate change, are ridiculous. The Earths climate has always changed. This period, the Mesolithic period was people who lived after the global flood. They have a story to tell. Piece by piece, the truth will prevail.

Anyone who wants a starter for the Mesolithic people can read this.


Maybe thats the real reason for not wanting the poles to melt. Theres secrets in the ice that can’t be let out. :woozy_face:

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It is shocking what you can find…


Even ballot papers for Biden…



Cheers mate and it does…there’s a couple of places I wouldn’t mind getting into just to see what’s laying around…cough cough Vatican, cough cough Smithsonian…don’t worry, it’s not Covid :rofl: :beers:

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Cheers mate, and thanks for the add appreciate it…

Couldn’t agree more, it’s always fluctuated…last years bushfires put out a years worth of industry productivity in three months…now looking at some of the huge volcanic eruptions throughout the ages, no wonder hiccups have followed :beers:

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That would not surprise me mate…I’m burning all my old tyres in the hope I can help reveal these secrets to all mwuhahaha :beers:

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So that’s why otzie got shock in the back!..he’s a bloody Biden voter :rofl:

How ya been mate?..are you guys going back into national lockdown today on the radio :beers:

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Well as normal, I am ignoring the tyranny and carrying on regardless, as to the police where I live you would be lucky/unlucky if you saw 1. How is your neck of the woods…and happy new year :beers:

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Go you good thing :rofl:…mate it’s worse here now with a handful of cases…I went to the servo Monday morning as per usual and old mate lost his :poop: coz I didn’t have a mask on lol…I said, what?, is that a thing now is it?..he’s all, ITS ON THE NEWS LAST NIGHT!!! Mandaaaaaaatttttooooorrrreyyyyy mmmmmmmaaaaaaassssskkkkkkkksssssss…

“Easy bro, your spitting all over me, I’ll put this one that’s on the counter you just gave me” :rofl:

We might have a few cases of the UK strain that’s apparently here with return travellers in quarantine…I see more people maybe taking it a bit more serious this time simply because everyone is more aware of what lockdown is like and are trying to avoid it :beers:

To think that we are giving away our liberties for kung flu…99.6% survival rate…I think the world has gone mad. :beers:

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Yeah I hear ya mate…for me nothings really changed throughout, I guess now to able to buy nails and hardware I put face undies on for five minutes :rofl:…I don’t see how it helps though…I pick up a box of nails someone’s sneezed on and pick up, the mask isn’t gonna help too much is it? :beers:

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Fkd sorry bro, and a happy New Years to you and yours too…it was like a ghost town here…you could’ve heard a mouse fart in a cup of cotton wool at midnight :beers:

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You’re a good guy Skippy.

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I try and it’s not always easy, but that makes it worthwhile in the long run :rofl: :beers:

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