Trump and Epstein together picking teens at mar a lago

lol pedo Trump…


So many people knew about Epstein but turned a blind eye, Trump was one of them.
Every one of these people are guilty by association.

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I bet none of you ever met and associated with a bad person before, he or she showed their true colors… I bet you all still hang out and associate, with all the same good, wholesome people you did 25 years ago… You never misjudged anyone’s character… You always met and hung out with good and descent people… Is this hit piece the best you can do??.. Trump must still have TDS Sufferers in a state of panic… He owns your mind because you’re afraid he may make a come back… You know he still has millions of followers who appreciated the things he accomplished during his Presidency… What’s the matter, isn’t Biden good enough to occupy your interests??.. .


Biden is lame …death boring…I want mr Trump hanged as a traitor russian spy selling all of the us militaries and informational secrets he can as he was at the oval office.

Its clear,not…

Cheers but im startig to like you…Mkip even if you uses a Lex Luthor avatar…lol

I think you confused Trump with Biden, Hillary or Pelosi…



ITS those guys the problem…


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Keep laughing hunter biden. we know what you did

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What will you do when they add a P to LGBTQ?


WRONG!!! when Trump found out Epstein had propositioned the daughter of one of his staff, he kicked him out of Mara Largo for life… ALSO; when Epstein was charged the first time, the Prosecutor working the case out out a request for anyone that knew epstein and his proclivities toward under age girls, would they come forward. Trump was the ONLY one who stepped up to the plate and met with the prosecutor. Did Trump like young women,yes he found them attractive, did he like ‘underage’ girls NO HE DID NOT. He tweeted in I believe it was 2012 that pedophilia was rampant and the pedophiles should be tried and executed for their crimes against children… like what he is doing now to take them all down and rescue the children… That is his priority and those that love him, know this to be true. #SaveTheChildren


I was making a catchy title.hes trump no pedo,i swear i would know about it.


Say it isn’t so! Say it isn’t so! QUICK DTV’rs!!! Shuffle this thread out of existence!

Trump was and will always be a scumbag. Worse, he took America’s most gullible along for the ride.

Is it you really honestly believe everything the TV tells you, or is it you really honestly want it to be true…in your heart.


Thanks, I was looking for this comment and was going to post it if I didn’t see it. :beers:

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