TRUMP CARD: Trump 2018 Executive Order, Read it. All of it. You will see that every single angle is covered from a legal perspective

This order supersedes state legislature and can only be
challenged or deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme
If you read the entire order, it covers EVERY aspect of what is going on right now. This order supersedes state legislature and can only be
challenged or deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.



Report: Big Tech, Media ‘Stole the Election’ by Burying Biden-China Scandal


They had to have known about this prior to the 2020 elections…that’s why Texas refused to use the machines in our elections…now I wonder how far back this goes…

Edit: This is why they need him to concede…legally, they’ve lost.


bit of a read :mushroom:! it was worth it though, if i got it right … section5 c.d. and e? if they can ABSOLUTELY prove something!!! … :beers::mushroom:


Every single republican candidate, not just the president, who supposedly lost could have actually won.
I question the legitimacy oh Mark Kelly over Martha McSally. Though I’m not to fond of her I was also surprised Kelly took it.


President Trump has the proof , President Trump and some hand-selected people at the DoD were watching , recording and documenting the election fraud/s while they were taking place in real-time , during the election on Nov.3rd 2020. They have it ALL, they know EVERYTHING. This is FACT.


Even Reps in California won.

The people are fed up with all this fire and looting, and don’t want it to come into their neighbourhood.

Without the interference, I think it would of been 80% red.


Then “yeehaa!” … :beers:


Oh boy. This website is going to be lit once Biden is sworn in. I guess the next step is to claim that the courts are part of the conspiracy. Soros probably bought all the judges that are dismissing trump campaign’s lawsuits, right?


Fact: Federal Government can never supersede state government. Why is that you ask? Well, mainly bc the states created the federal government and they don’t have to abide by any of its rules. (See the legalization of marijuana)That’s how the constitution is set up. It’s also what makes our country great. If I don’t like the state I live in, I can just move to another one that’s better.

The problem we have now is people on each side want the other side to follow their rules and beliefs. Which is hilarious. Why would anyone care what someone else believes? I could care less if Portland is on fire. I don’t live there so fuckem. Do you think I care what happens to minors in WV? Nope, sure don’t. The inner cities are riddled with crime, so what? Not my problem.

Anyone who looks to another man to save them is a weak human.


He did spend a lot getting DAs all over this nation elected. You already know this, right?

This executive order seems to focus on fighting back against election interference from foreign nations. It’s one thing to show that there was massive election fraud, but to prove that the majority came from outside the United States? I don’t think so.

It also mentions needing the support of the Director of National Intelligence - but it is well known that all of the U.S. intelligence agencies are against Trump.

So look for salvation from election fraud elsewhere.

sound legal document but only works on the premise of enforcement and accountability. I hope and prey.

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There was a massive shift of opinions about Kelly close to the elections. His stance on the second amendment was exposed. He lost.

Only Roberts. He was the ace in the hole for a while. RBG died and that left him as a lame duck. Do some research on Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. They were selected for a specific reason. Seek the knowledge! :grin:

That’s my thinking too…

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you know what? It does not surprise me one bit either. They watched it happen live. And there sure seems to be a tonne of things put in place to catch them in the act too. they just couldn’t resist… and far out they’re bloody amateurs at best. I bet those coerced workers got all of 200 bucks a day to lie, deceive and steal from their fellow Americans. money talks and bullshit walks. They bus these people around, we’ve known that since 2016. unemployed snowflake coward scum, they’re the perfect weapon. In fact it’s quite brilliant, but too many loser amateurs with no idea what they were doing or even why in the first place.

Let’s see where this all goes.

Trump never quits anything. He has to win its in his DNA. Especially everything they accused him of was false.

CHINA is in the business of printing fake documents. If China printed out any of those ballots, or assisted the DNC, we’re in business…in business with the CCP. China is a foreign government. Ballots were sent in in SF Express envelopes? SF Express is a mail n cargo carrier in CCP china, not registered in the US.
These envelopes came from China and contain ballots for the United States election.

Video in the twitter link below, not photoshopped

Hunter Biden “We had assurances [China] money would come 1st & we would build on that…
If they want us in Beijing once a month & pitching outside [China] we should be getting paid in advance just like every other team member that’s getting a salary.” -Hunter Biden

A recipient on the Hunter Biden email has VERIFIED the emails. The emails detail a payout for then-VP Biden in a Chinese energy firm deal!

The emails detail a payout for then-VP Joe Biden in a Chinese energy firm deal! Working with a foreign government…

Trump may soon declassify everything. If he does, all gloves are off and everything would be exposed…and you best believe it shows all the real collusion with foreign governments. Everything the media and democrats accused TRUMP of…They’re guilty of…it comes right out of their :poop: playbook.

Hey Trump… Break All Their Toys

Styxhexen goes over the possibility of Trump of declassifying and the chaos that would ensue if he were to follow through. It would cause some damage to say the least.
It’s worth the watch. I just want to share an interesting Youtuber. I’m sure many other well informed friends of mine watch him.

If Trump did declassify, the whistleblowers would feel comfortable to talk about everything they know, which is a lot. Styxx “Pardon Assange and Snowden, declassify everything, get on alt tech sites and use the POTUS twitter to promote them.”