Trump impeached for a second time

First president ever to get it twice , another record for the champ :mask:


Hi crazy lady! :wave:

We missed you! How was your suspension? Did you work on your issues at all, or just drink and obsess? Pretty funny you threatened me with a ban, and then got a longer ban than I’ve seen most people get, lolz. Ah well, see you around dear.

Sat drinking champagne for a week , not a fk was given , vindictive sort of a guy aren’t you ? What happened the Shrooms new incarnation ? Was he vaporised ? :laughing:

Does that mean he can’t run again in your opinion ? A serious question

Wouldn’t want him to. See you around Ms. Thang.

Maybe , you never know

Most people are lazy and could care less what a little leg work would turn up. Msm tells them what they take as gospel truth.
This country has become so bizarre - mainly because it no longer behaves as a country.
Maybe this is why USA is never mentioned in scripture.


Trump has a half a impeach

He grabbed em by the empeach

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Lol I thought I had missed something didn’t think they impeached him the 1st time they tried

Democratic chinese socialist play politics like horse shoes

Close counts

Lol very true

I thought this was a vote to impeach?

It dosent matter now , mconnell will stall the Senate and let the time run out , it’s not rocket science

By the time all the paper work goes through, uncle hair sniffer will be getting wheeled into the oval office.

This is just pure theatrics. Or, some are shitting themselves that old Donald, has another trick up his sleeve.

Dums doing only what dums know how to do. I’ve never seen so many people get so wound up about a man. I don’t even like Trump but the way he gets under people’s skin is fun to watch. Nation full of snowflake babies who think opinions they don’t share should be censored. Keep your guns well-oiled everyone!


It was… it still has to pass the senate and then go to trial. When it passes the house it is considered an impeachment by the house so technically it is correct but the way they present it to the gen pop is to make it seem like it has gone through every step of the process already. The impeachment is meaningless unless it goes to trial and is ruled in favor impeachment.

Libtards gonna tard…

Nancy put the fellow suckered by the Chinese honey pot, fang fang, on the impeachment panel.


There is no joy in mudville

Mighty Casey has struck out

The impeachment give leftist something to drool over.

It wont go anywhere. Circus and bread.

besides peace treaties and good economy you have to be good at something