Trump is creating a new social media platform


Great idea, it will become as popular if not more than twatter.


I thought he said about a month ago that he wasn’t. There are others that are though. Coming soon.

I don’t think it is a good idea if he is considering running in 2024.
The Optics of it could be viewed from so many different angles.
Even making it appear to be a conflict of interest.
Which would be used against him.


I agree that many will twist anything that comes from a Trump, Social Media Platform… However, he has been censored and banned by all the most recognized sites… Unable to get his messages out while speaking to the American People… In a country that supposedly values freedom of speech… If he can not use the other platforms he might as well, just make his own… I think it would be very popular if he did… Perhaps, one of his sons or colleagues can start on on his behalf…


I like the sons or colleague approach.

Set up someone else to profit from this venture would be better optics. He may be working with Lindell as he too stated similar business interests. Easier to share in the costs than to eat it all yourself.

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There will be problems and disruptions deliberately inflicted upon his platform. Whatta target for the Liberal hackers of the world, of which there’s a plethora. He may run into the same issues as Parler. Hopefully he won’t be setting it up on AWS. But evenso, it’s gotta play nice with whatever ISP he uses and I’m sure the top search engines and global Domain Name Services are already scheming how to screw him over.

Wish him lotsa luck! :pray:


It cost him a lot of money to become our President… Unlike many other career politicians, he actually lost money to do that job for us… He donated his Presidential Salary to charities… He financed most of his own campaigns with millions of dollars… He probably had to shell out massive amounts of money defending himself from made up charges and investigations…

He was a billionaire and let’s hope he has a good chunk of money left… Where he is able to finance his own servers with a big enough company to stand on its own… Where he can not be easily shut down or interfered with…


Personally think it’s a bad idea. Money to be made or it wouldn’t even be on the table.

If the Republican Party is to make a resurgence, it will be without Trump. Liked the guy for a bit but he has too big of an ego to be a real leader.

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They are going to call it winners who give up chat

i dont think that if zucherburg decided to run that this would be an issue. just because your a powerful tech personality it does not bar you from office. Besides i dont think trump would be the CEO and just like when he was in office he would pass those duties to someone else for the time being.

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Best news all day! I’m in!


I’m sure they’re well aware of the pitfalls that so many platforms have already encountered. Hopefully it’s a privately owned server farm and something like starlink for an isp.

He had four years of seeing how heavily stacked the deck is against anyone who dares to not play by the rules. Hopefully they’ve minimized the ability for sabotage because everyone will be working overtime to destroy the creation on day one.

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Yeah its called uhhhduuhhhhhhhhh

I have a theory they he will design it off the same model from if super smart he will add a blockchain to it and change the game forever. We will see

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This is going to be a great success, like all his other great successes.

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All I have to say about that!

Welcome to @draalbrig!


DARPAS Life Log Project It stopped on 4 Feb 2004
Face Book stands up 4 Feb 2004 under Zuckerberg

June 2012 Zuckerberg presented CIA Surveillance Medal

Who do you think he works for taking a software created with taxpayer money to collect human intelligence on it’s end users? What a perfect platform to gather intel on who is a threat and who is not.

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