Trump Supporter Goes on Absolutely Epic Rant at Gas Station, Says Everything We Have All Wanted to Say to Biden Voters

A Trump supporter said exactly what all of us have been thinking during an absolutely epic rant at a gas station.

In a video posted to Instagram, the infuriated man paces around a gas station demanding to know why Joe Biden voters are not being forced to stand by every mistake the president makes — the way that Trump supporters had to defend every single thing he did.


I think he nailed it


epic speech!


Don’t you hate the fact that you have to even look at or share living space w/ a Biden supporter? I swear people like them just wanna create the biggest problems then tuck their tail and WHINE LIKE A WAH WAH BITCH,BLAME EVERYONE ELSE over their own “DUMB CHOICES” and shitty ideals THAT DO NOT WORK OUT FOR YOU. Seriously, F**KING truly out of touch.

A hot pile of “problem” always.Maybe they just want something to be sad over and then whine for something else to get their way. DYSFUNCTIONAL… idk.

Probably the way they were raised. Something wrong always…


Spot ON He is!

Completely Spot On!


Shame them with facts.


Where will liberals run to and we’re will liberals hide?

Pendulum swang swang!

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Really hope most of the dems voted for Joe are now able to see what BIG mistake they did. But again, there’ll always be those brainwashed ones… Good speech though!


It’s worse than brain washing…it is flat out class division…they deny it but they treat a certain type of people great and make sure they spread the wealth to the right peoples and not let it trickle down to non democrats…I don’t know if you see it but the Republicans are rich but few and the democrats are biggest net worth gainers and in s much broader spectrum…many many more members than Republicans. The good old boy games in government must come to a end…term limits on all.its the most important way to change our countries futures…thank god for biker clubs with retired military…we are so much safer with these republican people gaining strength.


good man but the fact is most people did not vote for biden. biden was even nice enough to tell the world he helped create the greatest voter fraud organization in the history of politics, he also said HE DIDNT NEED OUR VOTES TO WIN which is not possible unless it was RIGGED.


I see a dumbass Trump supporter getting angry over gas shortages that Trump supporters are creating by panic buying gas and leaving stations bone dry. IDIOTS :rofl:

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oh im sure none of your side would panic buy gas would they?
the world is in chaos regardless of which lying politician you prefer.


So there are enough trump supporters to empty all the gas stations on the east coast? With those kind of numbers you would have thought he could win an election?



Well there are enough to cause these shortages and plus, I mean look at what these dumb ass people are doing. Filling plastic bags with gas, blowing up their own vehicles, setting themselves on fire and myriad of other stupid things…and what that means is, Trump supporters are the only idiots who would do idiotic shyt like that. :rofl:

Unfortunately most Americans are that dumb nowadays. Thank the media and teachers, they raised them.


I would buy this guy a beer and we could both sit there laughing at how no one, not one person is coming up to him to contradict him. Funny thing happens when one has balls.
The ball-less say nothing.

Good for him. We need to all do this.


I agree. Have been speaking out since THE BEGINNING.

People REALLY need to stand up to the BS


Let the snipped ball-less sheeple lead the ones with balls and continue Failing or inheriting their problems that they make and watch the roof of America cave in.(Which they will blame everyone else for but themselves)


Your talking about 0.001% of population that did something stupid like filling a bag with gas. If you are trying to convince people that all people who voted for president trump are that, well you should increase your trolling tactics because I’m not sure who your convincing. Not sure if what your saying is even true anyway.