Trump supporters are in a cult

I don’t have much to say about this. some of it may be fair but one issue I critique is when he talks about a woman who was “loved bomb”, can’t a group of people just be inherently nice?


nonsense propaganda


Its amazing the level of public vitriol some people have they
are so busy trying to pull this guy down when they should
be worried about real things in life.

He has really shewn us all what the people are like in power
and how petty bitter and spiteful even very vindictive if you say or do one little thing they dont like.

They will hound you and try hard to destroy your whole life.

Its unbelievable and a symptom of the mass delusional mental sickness
masquerading as the new enlightened age thats permeating modern politic social and psychological break down all over the world just about.

Oooh aaah thems is some horrible horrible minds out there and they want to drag us
all down to hell with them too.

Cant fault the bible prophecy for describing this so beautifully for the faithful
to appreciate during these end times.

There really is a mass delusion going on its just like they live the movie.


Maybe, but Telltale dedicates his channel to exposing cults to the masses as he was a JW.

It could be good to consider watching to take a step back and see things in another light

Not really… only a specific type of Trump supporter qualifies as being in a cult… The type that never questions his actions or eats up fake news even when they know it is fake. I am the type that criticizes some of his actions and I also fiercely attack fake news. The fact that you posted this troll post shows me that you are definitely a member of the libtard cult. So… what will it be?? Kettle or Pot?


Interesting video. The creator has some quite obvious blind spots and demonstrates his own ideological subversion to various cult-like ideas of his own. The language he uses outs him as having taken on certain dogmatic beliefs as well. He also lies by omission, could be a good journalist.


he’s a lunatic, sick bastard !


Troll, naw. I just thought it was interesting. I generally like this guy for his videos for educating about actual religious cults. It could be helpful for those in that specific group you alluded to.

Kettle and Pot? I mean through the video I was thinking about how people on the left wing would dehumanize, thought control, and etc. “Nazi” “fascist”, blocking and removing friends and family. Etc.

I am just doing looking and doing some of right wing criticism as not to be stuck in a echo chamber myself. And also other perspective other then the amusing youtube comments of the video.

I feel that @ReturnofTruthdefendR in the next reply is correct. I couldn’t really think of why the video felt off. The “love bomb” didn’t really stick.

In short, I enjoy criticism, other perspectives, and thought this was a perspective to look at, thus posted this video.

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Whoever published this is in a cult. Cult of cognitive dissonance. The world is a nasty f’ed up place. Wolves and vampires try to eat you everywhere you go. Trump did 1 great thing… he showed us that we’re all victims and targets for abuse and high crimes against humanity. There is no more humanity, CLEARLY. Keep posting your rubbish, I’ll be sure to vomit counter vibes via wordplay.

stirfry pan or dutch oven. Keep your pot and kettle.

I got a monstrous stir fry pan and a #16 dutch oven, and I know how to use it chuck wagon wushu.

Let’s cook with fire

If wanting America to be free and having a constitution then consider me in that cult.