Trump Supporters

I don’t think Trump supporters should go out & protest on or before the 20th, they will fall right in the hands of the communist Antifa & Black Lives matter rioting, they need to stay out of the way & let the Military handle the bad *ss’s, it wouldn’t do any good anyway to be out amongst those Terrorists, they will be dressed up like Trump supporters. Trump will remain are President, after all those crooked politicians & Big Teck are all arrested by the Military for Treason.


Are you serious or trolling right now?


In the event of a conservative protest, there must me individuals present that will identify and remove agitators and moles. Antifa and the left are doing a very good job of making us look bad. :rage:

No. I am telling the truth!!

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It’s funny how trump zombies are trying to blame this on the left

If they had their way at the capitol they would be saying “I told you so.”

They’ve been talking and cheering on civil war here for so long it amazes me that no one taking the blame for this.

Blaming other people for the madness.

Seems to me like the cowardly thing to do.

Where is @evilmushroom?


And the other radicals?

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Pedosleepyjoe knows nothing about that.

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And your exactly rite its a setup.

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Hey orange is the new black

Maga not going anywhere


Antifa attacked in San Diego, the other day, police allowed them spraying people in the face, untill they threw bottle at cops, then the cops got involved… do you not see the doubke standard?

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I don’t like entertaining whataboutism.

I don’t promote any violence be it BLM, Antifa, or Trump supporters.

I personally denounce all of it.

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Thats a start, i geuss…

Think it’s time to own up to the fact that all of this has been aimed at the population and not the politicians, they are feeding the flames daily to drive a wedge between people however they can manage. Might be wise to stop watching each other and realize that we all have issues that we would defend because it’s something we lean towards, and the people that everyone should keep a close eye on are the ones that want the tension. :wink:


these are Trumpsters, Q, in the photo… sadly they couldn’t be calm, and got out of control. More arrests coming. Stay safe and at home. He used us.

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The CIA never infiltrates to discredit people. :roll_eyes:

Seems like the whole “riot” was planned to bring the National Guard in to set up security. Notice how the Capitol looks more like Gitmo? The more MSM and politicians scream that Patriots are terrorists, the more NG are sent in.

What if FISAgate can bring down the swamp? Wasn’t it Roberts that signed off on those? I believe total declass of Russiagate is about to happen. I’m pretty sure many Anons mentioned for months that the NG would be called up to make mass arrests. Wouldn’t it be convenient that they’re all already inside a prison of their own making?

Just a thought. I brought my popcorn for the show.

If and this is a big IF.

IF all of what trump and Q said was true… the perpetrators need to be brought to justice.

But you are gonna need the most solid evidence ever provided in a case in the history of law in order to pull that off.

I don’t think it’d take much, honestly. If MSM and Big Tech aren’t able to spin the evidence, say a blackout shuts them down, and we get nonstop video feed over the EBS of some terrible wrong doings, I don’t think the swamp will feel safe to walk the streets. But, I don’t believe this will happen.

It seems that if Project Veritas can get regular people to record pompous individuals being mischievous, even admitting to criminal behavior, I imagine whatever Military Intelligence has on the swamp is much more damning.

I hear it’s going to be biblical.

226 Antifa bused in to stage a riot, we know who you are, make ready to be arrested.

fake news is real.