Trump... your false Messiah

Your favorite super hero is an freemason.

“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven”-KJV.


the biggest heartbreaker of all, especially as i have observed with older generations, is that trump was controlled opposition. it’s true, folks. why do you think zion jared was his number one cheerleader? and all the jersusalem bullshit trump pulled? he was obstinate only insofar as his own ego goes. he wasn’t fighting for every american. it’s always a game, always has been. and you can only play if you’re in the cabal. the rest are just feeders. define yourself, and see where you lie on any number of these freaks’ moral radars.


You speak truth… That’s a rarity on this forum…
The trump family is well connected… trump’s uncle, John trump was the 1 who stole Tesla’s work and hid it away…
It’s the reason donny trump was allowed to be president…


I liked him cus we wasnt like the rest…he was crazy like us lol

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luke iam your father .

Of course he is… Why is this a surprise? During ww2, both Adolf Hitler and King George of England were freemasons… There’s a lodge in most cities all over the world why? Because the same people have been in power since at least roman and Egyptian time periods. Nothing has changed. Not in that respect anyway.


The sad thing is that most of them are only now starting to realize this. I already pointed this out just after he started his reign. But then I was laughed at or ignored by the flat thinking pancakes. Republicans call their voters “clapping monkeys” and rightly so.



America’s future hair style.

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Whats sad is just like all other nations he was the best of a choice of crap people to vote for. Same here in the UK. And regardless of the election been rigged. I would say ALL elections are. We have laods of political parties here in the UK yet the method of first past the post means that none of the smaller parties ever stand a chance of gaining any form of power. Boris Un Hitler Stalin Johnson only won the last election with his promise to deliver Brexit. That was because all the other main parties wanted to overturn the Brexit vote or have a second referendum on the EU. All political parties win or loose are all controlled. And if like Johnson you go against the will of the puppet masters you end up in hospital or dead. Its all theatrical games to con the people.


I doubt Trump could be a Freemason


I remember him using two hands to drink water and shaking…just became President,and I’d be freaking out too…I doubt he thought he would win,let alone even want too

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Plenty of us on here have warned for a long long time that the left right paradigm is a trap that will blur your thinking and have you fighting an unwinnable battle.
Stepping outside the cult of personality is the only way of seeing things as they are.
God gave us a brain and common sense which sadly is not being utilized in today’s world.


Doubt isnt knowing.

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he has an distant cousin in germany carl phillip trump . the guy has activisim thats intents to reform freemasonary(in europ) or calls for it. carl P trump also selling lsd research chemicals on the streets of berlin aswell. lol

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CNN just got nailed by Project Veritas while saying, “They made a big deal out of nothing with the shaking hands.”

Good point…I don’t believe is better word…I would need more proof to believe tho👍

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Reforming the oldest fraternity on the planet built on strict traditions is a tall order.

As a Mason you’ve chosen to set a large part of your life aside to study and memorize the work…verbatim. To be called upon at any moment, any night, to recite any part of that book.

The Mason learns the Entered Apprentice degree without ever even laying eyes on the book. I did my memory work by purely hearing one Mason read it to me then reciting it back.

I know if someone came along and told me I had to change that now that I’ve already been through it, it would be a tough pill to swallow.