Trumps final deranged twitter posts

Please feel free to post any last minute discombulation from the outgoing corrupt worst president in the history of this country . All seething tweets will be excepted !



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So you are keen on a police state, Trump is the best hope for the World and we will all be seeing him in an even more favourable light during his second term. For I can’t believe there are enough corrupt Dem supporters to outweigh the honest Democrats who will have to acknowledge that Trump not only won by a landslide, but also that Biden was aided by China and other nasty pieces of work both inside and outside the States. If they had had an honest election themselves Bernie would have won.



Trump comes across to his detractors - and some who support him - as being this single-minded narcissist, with a few thin layers. I would argue otherwise. Not just because of his wealth - which is old money to a degree - but because the intrinsic, idiosyncratic, tendencies he exhibits (a fear of getting poisoned) elucidates a chess like mind that is always calculating; always scheming and thinking ahead. Thus I would imagine that what ever happens on Wednesday, won’t be done on a whim. No doubt the man has many enemies, but I am sure he has some aces in his own sleeve, that will give him leverage if things don’t go as planned.

Just my humble opinion.


RELAX rob , all these fuck-heads are in for a very rude awakening. When they realize President Trump , is President Trump for the NEXT 4 YEARS , these fuck-heads are going to dive off their fucking balconies , shoot them selves , jump in front of Amtrak trains , etc., It will be quite a site.

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LOL, HOW DO YOU CALL him the worst president?! I would love to hear what nonsense you got to say.

Trump actually kicked ass for us. Too bad you are not smart enough to realize.

  1. record jobs
  2. record dow/stocks
  3. record unemployment for whites, blacks, and hispanics
  4. fixed the bad trade deals with countries like china
  5. got nato to pay up what they are suppose to
  6. took out one of the best generals Iran ever had, with a precision strike
  7. made major peace deals in the mid-east
  8. he brought back companies that left for mexico and china under obama and biden
  9. he helped to secure our borders (dont want isis just walking in do you?!)
  10. he re-armed our depleted military
  11. he stopped the flood of illegal immigration
  12. he took a stand against unconstitutional sanctuary cities that allow illegals to get away with crimes
  13. many more, but most importantly, HE MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Watch your darling Bejing Biden tear it all down, and you will love it and kiss his arse while he robs you blind.


Sure … let’s put a kid sniffing pedo Pres in there w a crackhead , thief , pedo son who sleeps w his niece … oh wait don’t forget Dad who sleeps n showers w his Daughter … you need to wake up , we all need to get wise to these evil ppl and get their arses in jail .

:pray: :beers:

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And the world will be a better place with so many fewer liberals that can’t handle reality, facts, or reason.

I find it hilarious that the morons that let Mainstream news and social media tell them what to “think” while arguing that socialism is somehow a “good thing” and accusing Trump of being a dictator, and abusing power…comparing Republicans to NAZIs and accusing Trump and Republicans of being “racist”…don’t have a clue about how…

…NAZI is a acronym for the German Socialist party, the Democrat party FOUNDED the KKK and Trump has done more for the Black and Ethnic community than the democrats have done in 50 years… before the PLANDEMIC there were lower unemployment numbers in ethnic , Hispanic AND Black communities than ANY TIME IN HISTORY!!!

The reason nancy poloci is so wealthy is because she takes “campeign donations” from confirmed south american drug lords and owns pharmaceutical stocks and massive oil investments in…you guess it UKRIANE!!!

Before the release of covid the democrats were fighting for open boarders and getting rid of boarder patrol and boarder security which is what everyone wants during a potential epidemic right?

… they were also behind the numbers getting so high you would need to be ON DRUGS to believe them because every hospital that reported a “covid victim” got boatloads of “unregulated” cash so EVERYTHING from gunshot wounds to car accidents were reported as “covid deaths”.

While Bidden tells people “if they don’t vote Democrat they are not black”.

Lets not forget about how the Democrat party actually tried to fight in court against any security or observers even BEING IN THE ROOM when the ballots were being counted!!!

If Joe Bidden is elected the worst president in history starts his fist day on Thursday and he wants to lock down for “at least two years” and MANDATE you wear masks IN YOUR HOME AFTER the vaccine,

he wants to raise taxes and make you PAY BACK the tax break you HAVE NOT GOT YET for filing taxes for 2020,

The so called “new green deal” would MULTIPLY the national debt by 4!!! while making sure all forms of transportation is REDUCED to 1/3 or LESS of what it is now!!!

anyone with a brain sees that if you reduce transportation down to 1/3 or less of what it is now when the economy is just STARTING to recover from the PLANDEMIC hysteria over a disease with a 99% survival rate that you have to be TESTED to even KNOW IF YOU HAVE IT!!!

knows that it would drop America’s economy into the dumpser…

You think 2020 was bad? how about not being able to GET money from the government because they are too broke to PRINT MONEY!!!

God bless president Trump!

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Already the dems have back pedalled on trump stopping 3 CHINESE TELECOM COMPANIES from using the united states communications system,
and now they have been allowed back in,
so whose got CHINA in there back pockets ALREADY??

The same old communist party-the democrats have just done this, FACT!!!
just undone trump trying to PROTECT americans from chinese telecom spying networks,
profiling average americans using the telecom network of 3 different owned companies linked to the ccp and the chinese army…

ffsakes could they be more obviously TRAITOROUS TO DEMOCRACY?

by this action we now know for fact whose been paying the election fraud bills to get bidens
elected, what more proof does one need?

but yeah, orange man bad…

everyone will loose now under biden, bitter sweet win for the whole of usa it is,

who is so stupid they cannot see this because they bl;indly believe in democr4actic politic and the democrat party instead of REALITY on the ground??

No wonder the dems relentlessly attacke dthe guy for hiw whole term impeach imnpeach impeach,

some people are so f blind and stupid they will sell themselves down the communist river just to wina stupid election that by a;ll accounts was nothing but a scammed cheat fest of epic proportions the most corrupt election in history.

Good luck with biden democrats, your going to suffer just as bad as any trump lover,
and i dont even like trump,
but im smart enough to know he did have americas best interests against CHINAS,
the dems certainly DONT. FACT!!
Prooved by telecommunication ACTIONS done by democrats again…

You fools…you utter fools, you win but now you loose, hardy ha ha,
sad for those who can see reality though,
they dont deserve the traitorous progressive dem agendas or the rinos complicit in it and the nwo takeover…

He finally made it

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The pedo n his fam gets the get out of jail free card

Pick yr poison

:pray: :beers:

wow that will be serving justice, this maggot should get death penalty !

Sad, but probably True, and you are going to cheer on these criminals railroading him, all because you dont like him.

Problem is, they can do this to him, and his family they can do it to you and yours. So cheer it up, but when the Trumps and Republicans are gone, you are next. History has show us this many times.

Cheer on your own demise, enjoy whats coming.

maggot? lol, let me guess you are an AoC worshipper, right?!

its amazing how irrational people can be.

You guys should realize that this puppet on the same hand as sleepy joe and kemo is doing nothing but trolling to stir the pot. If you ignore him, cause its not a she they have no purpose. They are banking on saying something amazingly stupid to rile up the site and get drama rolling.