Trumps master legal team! ROFL

Please watch the video. This might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. If your trying to prove voter fraud this is definitely who you should representing you!!! :rofl: :rofl: Strike Force!!! :rofl:

It is worrisome that there are people who are so juvenile in their thinking that despite one of the largest provable conspiracies endangering our country, they mock a leading member of our political/legal system for an action that he was apparently not paying attention to. I guess such hypocritical people think they never do things like this themselves when they are focused intently on important matters and they think no one will mock them! This type of mockery in the face of a tremndous national problem is the real disgusting thing.


Lighten up dude. It’s funny. These old people are all morons on both sides and it’s why no one is listening.

In the military we are taught to lead by example. Meaning your always paying attention to details. I don’t think anyone should have a “important” job if they lack attention to detail.

Supporting these morons is the problem. Same on both sides.

I’d say that this is schoolyard (preschool, that is) mentality having to point out things like this, but since adults are doing this, I believe it’s more out of desperation. A having to grasp at anything to keep them rooted in their reality even if it’s silly things like how a handkerchief is used.
To say this is only being exploited is for fun doesn’t work.


??? Lighten up. It’s hilarious. I would have posted it if it was Biden as well or his team.

He literally wiped his face with snot!!

It’s also worrisome that a big time lawyer at a serious press conference invokes My Cousin Vinny in his ramblings.

Ghouliani might be reptilian???

His son has covid 19 , he was at thar press conference when that happened

biden must be worried about this legal teamLooks like slow joe might be a little short on funds

I must agree. I watched this too and remember thinking, what is the deal with Guliani? Was it hot there or something? Wasn’t a good look. He looked nervous. It was distracting.


Ignored content :joy: :toilet::poop:!

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