Tucker not getting what he wants

Wow! Tucker Carlson asked for evidence regarding voter fraud from Trumps legal team member Sidney Powell and she basically told him to leave her alone.
I can understand his frustration, but I can also understand the hesitancy on Trumps legal team since Fox News threw their boss and most of America under the bus…
Suck it up Tucker and have patience is what I would have normally said, but upon further thought, Sidney is right.
In fact, anyone still working for Fox is, in my opinion, guilty by association. If any of these so called conservative journalists who work for Fox had one ounce of integrity they’d resign immediately from their positions. Have they? Have any of them? :thinking:

Follow the money…

Are you saying not to trust tucker

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Who pays tucker? Who does he answer to?


As I said before, he is a weasel. Never liked his sorry ass.

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I remember back when Tucker was promoting and following the same 9/11 narratives, by every other Mainstream Source… Anyone who disagreed or questioned the official narrative were to be dismissed as Conspiracy Theorists… He has come a long way since then with hosting his own show… We started to see some nuggets of truth coming from him… He is still not a free and independent journalist as he still has bosses to answer to… Apparently Fox News has sold out and turned against President Trump too… Tucker was fair with his views and his interviews about Trump in the past… Still can not blame Sidney Powell for not sharing all she knows on his show… Some of that should be kept closer to her vest… This election is bigger than Trump and bigger than Biden… She does not owe him an interview on National Television…


As long as the DoJ and Barr don’t get involved this will go nowhere.

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You’d have to have sold your soul to continue to work for Fox.

They are no different than the rest of that gaggle of demonicly programmed robot pundits at any othe MSM source. I don’t trust anyone that would continue to work for them, and allow themselves to be muzzled or have their thoughts and opinions be redirected or watered down.


I have given credit when credit was due with Tucker, but I always had the feeling he was playing good cop bad cop, that Fox News in general could care less about Americans. Well, regarding Fox News, we saw their true colors right after the election. And now Tucker seems to be singing a different tune instead of waiting to see how this plays out, also seems to show his true colors.
The media is obviously getting desperate and I think Tuckers employer told him to change direction and he did.
Fox News is now sided up with the others, where they don’t have to put on such an act (being conservative) and I’m sure they’re all breathing a sigh of relief.
Now News Max is the go to conservative source, but ultimately it’s all about making money, not integrity.


Weren’t you all talking about how amazing tucker is about a month ago? Well, just goes to show that even fox “news” cant ve seen to be reporting such unsubstantiated claims as the ones that Trump is claiming.


I am beginning to think Barr is another one of those, Do Nothing Traitors… I do not know if he is covering up but he appears to be stalling… Not seen much of anything he has done or accomplished since taking that position…

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Maybe read my comment again, foz.

Cheers @silverfox. I wasnt replying to your comment but to the OP. :+1:

I do not think he read any of the comments or is even paying attention…

Oh I am. I was actually commenting on the irony of the comments here. Its amazing how people change their tune, isnt it? …and amazing what people are willing to believe against what they are not willing to believe.

Well, some of us do not rely entirely on Fox News… Regardless, of what you think is ironic…

Agreed. I didn’t say all people.

What ever you think, it is evident just in this post alone, that there has been a sudden change in opinion in the past couple of weeks.


If Sean Hannity has any integrity he’d bail…


Tucker is truthful. He is from the Swanson Family wealth and is independently wealthy.

Yeah we see that with liberals that watch an old pedo paw children and see diaries of his children talking of sexual abuse and still say they do not believe he is a pedophile.