Twighlight Zone Host - A Conversation With Rod Serling

It would be great if public personalities would speak with literacy and elocution … again. The topic discussed is dated, however the way it is discussed is on a higher level than what we typically experience today.


I Just Watched This…

Intelligence and Elocution

Are All But Extinct


No one reads any more and those that do only read vapid trash. This is the reason people can’t think or understand things… when everything you are exposed to is presented to you in simple terms with little dimension… that is how you end up thinking.


Very enjoyable, his comparison of a long-lost “tyranny of the author” to his tv work under a crown prince director where the king lives “someplace where they make the cereal” is telling of his frustration from a dearth of creative control within the confines of a factory of weekly entertainment. And now, to poke fun at intellectualism of the day!

Thanks for the PIN, Lucas.

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Today knowledge is expanding at massive rates. Common sense and figuring out things on their own is almost gone

That is why people see things happening and do not register on them because they are depending on media to sort it out and tell them what happened.

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I loved his work but it was pretensious

As much of art is, to his credit he never embraced the suk

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True that Brenda

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As a Kid Tho

It Was Da Schitt

I still remember episodes of the Twilight Zone
Just like Gilligan’s Island
Hogan’s Hero’s… I Dream of Jenie…Bewitched…

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Leave it to Beaver

Andy Griffith


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