Twitter... A Haven For PerVersion


At least she is acting.

Twitter allows actual cp on their platform.

Never have, and never will use their platform.

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Got to love how the Twitter CO’s eyes are those of a sad paedophile,
He has that resigned look all the time, the i know i’m a nobody and i like children sexually but i just can’t help myself look.

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Amen Brother

More whataboutism.

Crawl Back Under The Over Pass

Since You Don’t Have an Issue

With The Promotion Of Depravity

Or Selective Enforcement

Your Usefulness To tptb
Has an Expiration …


Only a matter of time before they round these extremists up.

And Why You Think That’s Good

Is Disgusting …


People who are a threat to our democracy should be locked up.

Attack our capitol you should be locked up.

Murder cops and you should be locked up.

Walk into your house and become a terrorist. Lol.

Giuliani sent me.

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Pretty foul images. Of course Sleepy Joe thinks the only way to interact with people, thread to thread, is to repeat the same dogmatic tribal speak in roughly every post. Keep up fighting the good fight Mrs. B.


We don’t have a democracy
We have a democraticly elected Representitive republic

Every time you say we have a democracy
We know you are a shill for saying to that.

Stick to flashing schoolyards , you seem to have at least one talent


Jezebel strong in this one

No Dramas…

You are a proper little wind-up merchant.

Are you not concerned with such images being circulated on a public, social media platform?


I just love how it says images are edited but still may be considered porn to some.
Wow, such snowflakes if they consider the edits porn.

It’s a sign of yet more disgusting hypocrisy Brendace, and they’re not even trying to hide it any longer…deny a STILL sitting president of the USA his right to the first amendment of the constitution, using the excuse what he has to say, might encourage offline harm, whilst allowing role play CP / Child rape, which they obviously don’t consider could in any way encourage or embolden scumbags who might be leaning that way to actually rape a child.

Sick, hypocritical, undemocratic F*cKers.

Simple solution: Boycott Twitter, and let the crap site rot away into oblivion where it belongs.

Never used it, never will.

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Amen Brother…

What she said.

Just Another

In a Very Long List

Of Hyprocrite Peado Promoting