Twitter Bans Biden Vids as Child Exploitation

Let That Sink in Nay Sayers

Twitter Will Ban Any Vid

Of Biden Interacting With Children

Will Be Labelled as Child Sexual Exploitation





That is going to back fire on them. Twitter is nothing but Soros butt wipe anyway


I See As A Way To Keep

People UnAware…

Under the Guise…

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That is their intent, but they fail to realize that just shows guilt and something to hide. Those of us who are awake to what is happening cannot have our minds changed. They live like death will never come and they will never be judged. The One that is most important cannot have His eyes covered with liberal manipulation on the internet.


Anyone who doesn’t understand we are already in a civil war, isn’t paying attention.


So the left is doing this in an attempt to stave off all of those Creepy Joe videos…but in turn are saying anyone who posts one is exploiting children in order to do it? Or are they saying he’s sexually exploiting them? Wow! :pensive:


Yes To All That…

Crazy Huh

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His behavior around kids is certainly not normal and the video evidence has been available for a while now… Twitter executives must be crazy to think most of us will forget and give him a pass… What disturbs me even more is the parents of those children… Allowing those behaviors against their own children, for some kind of political favors… Without anyone putting a stop to it immediately and punching Biden’s lights out…

That’s What’s Really


Either They are Oblivious
Which is InExcusable…

Or They Are Over Looking It
For Gain…

Which is UnForgivable

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But but but, orange man bad! Biden pedo? Don’t care, orange man bad. Clinton, O’bama, Biden illegally used intelligence agencies to set up Flynn and look for Trump dirt? Don’t care, orange man bad. Clinton and Biden did the “super predator” crime bill? Don’t care, orange man bad. Clinton foundation and Biden family taking money from all sorts of different countries for who knows what reasons?.. And on and on and on…


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