Twitter bans Dr. Naomi Wolf for saying that vaccines might be a bioweapon

And gone…

For this…


They will banning a lot more when more wake up…they are coming for your children…


I’ll bet the twats at twitter never got the vax


Twitter has more than 5,400 employees according to this…

I’m so surprised she lasted as long as she did. Seems like a mass purge started mid-week last week. A lot of my favorite anti-vax feeds are getting wiped. I wonder how long they’ll leave Alex Berenson up - because like Naomi Wolf - he also gives zero f(%^s. I’ve been relying on certain twitter feeds, youtube channels, and disclosetv for news. LOL. That’s how bad it’s become. I’m going to have to learn how to use the search functions on bitchute, etc. to see what the latest developments are - or finally download telegram. I hate twitter.

Sure… banned from “Twitter”…what… is that like ban number 376,998?
There are only two things surprises me about this:

  1. People are surprised when Twitter bans someone who isn’t parroting the “Liberal Left/Democrat” agenda (a.k.a. Deep State). You can literally say you want to murder someone (insert any form of weapon here) as long as the person/people are not “part of the agenda” or have been known to “go against their agenda”.
  2. That people still use Twitter after all this time…blatant censorship that can only be decided by a a very specific set of rules or is done by actual people who are given instructions of “what to ban and what not to ban”

For me, that is the only surprising element about all of this… .

I will never expect to have free speech on any of these alleged social networks
/my new motto

Anyone been following the audits? Things are starting to get real spicy! Distractions!!!

They don’t censor BS. They censor truth.


Time is ticking,for those who are injected…

No.matter in witch Timeline the paradox will be the same outcomming.

J.T has being ‘telling’ what many futures could end, regardless between the lines of happening.

…one cant control the lie ,above the betraying…