Twitter has suspended the account of President Trump


And many more accounts.

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They’re expecting more from him. Not even sure we will ever hear from him again.

Without all the protection he’s probably soon to be an owner of a new .338 Lapua round.

Let’s be honest, he did it to himself. I didn’t care for him as president but never ignored some of the good things he did. He and his mouth was his own worse enemy.

About time!

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The swamp rats are scared… there’s alot going on we don’t know about yet…but they have been planning on shutting him down on Twitter for long time…


We have a 4 year president who was not a politician, who spoke his mind.
I’d gladly take another 4 ( or more) of that than a career politician who’s spewed bullshit for 40 years. It’s not that hard to figure out once put in that light.
Politicians and their sugar coating bs got us here, not Trump.


Living in unprecedented times my friends, when [they] start censoring a sitting president of the greatest nation on earth you know there is a battle coming…


Not about his mouth, but if trump can tune down the social media big tech before the catastrophe, this will not happen. He’s not too bright in regards of politics.

How billionaires face slap the biggest power state in the world without the people inside ever notice. If this doesn’t anger you, I question your morale. He’s still legally the president.


Freedom of speech is only for public speaking and not on any media platform?

Interesting and dismaying at the same time.


They shut off the sitting president’s freedom of speech… but what do I know?


That indeed is your choice. He could’ve easily squashed the beef between society here and political parties, but he used that energy as his chance to further divide us and fuel the fire.

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i think there is more to it than that shawn.
the anti trump propaganda was ridiculous in my country.
never mind, i don’t trust government in general anyway.
there has definitely been some skullduggery there man.
i don’t really care though, its you guys who have to endure the next four with your new illustrious leader.
i hope it goes the way you think it will i guess, but i doubt it.
where is the next war going to be? predictions of the future…


China will be the super power, taking other lands and become the great USA, United States of Asia


Twitter released another statement saying they did it to get ahead of what’s supposedly been planned to happen on the 17th, with regards to reports of armed protesters in support of Trump planning to storm the Capitol. People died recently, some for no reason at all and others by actions of their own. Our Country doesn’t need anymore flames. The censorship aspect of it freaks me out but at the same time, if the President can’t calm folks down and just admit defeat, instead of claiming fraud when there has been absolutely no proof found to substantiate those claims, what else can be done?

i think its too late man, trump or no trump.
you may need a name change to T.S.A the states of america, the united part may need to be omitted.
the division is so deep in your country now im not sure it can be repaired.
some people on here are just going over the top now though man, that guy telling everyone that the fbi or nsa is going to bust them for whatever weirdness goes on in their mind is very threatening behaviour.
you don’t want to ruin the lives of the people on this site do you bro? even the ones you don’t like don’t deserve that kind of bs.
it seems strange that a silly tag line is soo offensive but threatening to have people put in jail is ok.
how do you feel about that aspect of what is happening here at dtv?


If you’ve observed how I carry myself, I don’t speak that way or mistreat others here. The only person here that I somewhat don’t get along with is Danny, and that’s because he’s always taken digs at me from the start and I finally grew tired of it, and him chasing people away that don’t agree with him by using posse type tactics to get his crew to co-sign his actions. Everyone is fed up because everyone just has to be right all the time, and no one wants to respect one another for their views. Society is the way that it is now because we did it ourselves, and some of us here have even encouraged that behavior whether they want to be real with themselves and own up to it, or not. We all make mistakes, but to continue to make those same mistakes because of behaviors not being changed is our own downfall and will continue to be so until we realize that we all want the same type of security in our own country.


as critical thinkers aren’t we supposed to be somewhat anti establishment?
when i grew up, if you told on someone you got a beat down.
i have been threatened by this crazy member on a number of occasions with having the authorities called on me.
while i know that is ridiculous because i haven’t broken any laws, it still doesn’t sit well with me.
not sure i want to be a member of something that harbours people like that, its one thing to disagree with someone, even calling them names is not a big deal. this member whoever they are has threatened the same thing through at least three different accounts.
if rob cant even use his â– â– â–  tag, but that member can have several accounts and make these crazy threats then what is happening here?
i don’t know what to think.
this us politics thing has gotten way out of hand, i dont know about you but politics is not what i was attracted to this site for.
how do you feel about it man? im asking you because i know you are a level headed guy with a good heart.