Ufo? Notchback? 🤔

Or a ballon with a flashlight attached to it?

What ya figure?


thats as COOL AS !!! … :beers:

Whoa…what’s a “notchback?”

Did you film it? Where’d ya find this? :exploding_head::flying_saucer:


I too think of you @grishankh, and your pictures do not go unnoticed.

For realies tho Ohpee, where was that filmed at!?

for realies though whitey idk what tf a notchback is either :joy:

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No idea what it is but I think that video is being played in reverse. Any other details?

I think its a reflection in glass window


im more interested in what a notchback is

so is my computers OCD auto-correct

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That’s great footage. Pure conscious energy at work …good find

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I think this is fake. I don’t believe.

Is there a longer video. Also seems a little slow but calculated doesn’t really remind me of alien who have typically fast and unpredictable placement, who knows. It kind of reminds me of a helicopter the way it flys. Could be just a drone with a big searchlight. And it looks like its scanning around with it.

Bareback? LOLOL :laughing: :rofl:

NASA critters. :slight_smile:

Single cell organisms on a macro level that reside in the extremes of space, when they enter our atmosphere there’s a plasma burning effect.


No really. I don’t know. :mask:

They are giant cattle mutilating single cell organisms that turn into a plasma when in earth’s enviorment.

Oh yes, they can kill humans also. :slight_smile:

But that’s just what I was told. :man_shrugging:

Who knows what truth is anymore.

Thank you for your input.

I was hoping to hear from the Opie who posted this, was really interested to is if they filmed it first hand.

What happened to the ohpee? I thought it was a different screen name

I ain’t saying f*** all mate. A lot of alternate consolidations are happening at the moment.

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G’day cobba,
I thought the same until I analysed it and put it through some filters.
Twice in this clip I could see what looked like a directional light causing a shadow cast over partial cloud coming from the left of this anomaly.
What appears to be invisible in space, becomes viable in our atmosphere.
Ask Northrop Grumman.
They know all about these little bastards.

Hey @anon37351533 looks like you gave thealien a run for his money with this one!

Like how ya jumped on to help out :wink:

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anon34789460 and anon97341902 as well as thealien are related