UFO Over America - Saucer On Apollo 15 Footage - Video of Sun's Surface - UK Pol Had Sex With Alien

A Giant UFO 25 Times Bigger Than Earth Was Spotted Near The Sun.

Disc Shaped Object with lights filmed in Bend, Oregon.

UFO in the sky in Wichita Ks.

BOMBSHELL. Official Apollo 15 saucer ufo footage with source.

Real Video of the Sun’s Surface.

UFOs: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection.

Navy Documents and UFO Video Files.

Leshan Giant Buddha – World’s Largest Pre-modern Stone Buddha Statue.

British Politician Claimed E.T. Race Mantids Wants To Repopulate Earth With Alien Hybrids.

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They have been here for eons. Just as our souls have been. ( if we chose to) Some cool and weird stuff. The huge craft powering up at the sun with fusion power, and the large colourful budha, beautiful, and amazing.

yea im with ya on the monk carving the budda with a hammer and chisel out of his craftsman toolbox. lol i dont think so. nice post thanks

The dude had sex with an alien called the “cat queen” and had a baby drak…lol

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