Ufo,s and the deep state

If i was a malevolent alien race intent on conquering earth. What would be the best way to infiltrate a society en mass. Maybe crash one of your advanced space craft chock full of hi tech gizmos. Making it look like an accident. When in actual fact it is a Trojan horse designed to destroy the world. By using the greed and avarice of people to use this technology in nefarious ways. The human race would be enslaved by the very people who were supposed to be protecting it. Then the aliens can walk in job done without having to do anything. All you would have to do is take over the deep state and bob,s yer uncle. Because they have done all the dirty work for you. Roswell 1947 comes to mind


I rather enslave the females and make em do house work while I get bent out the frame and then come satisfy my desires and not worry about the females spending all my money

Nah, we just want a turn on the swing set is all :grinning::+1:t2:



I’d just wait til humans wipe themselves out…then it’s just a good clean up :beers:


Nuke em from orbit I say! :joy:

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