UK Military Spooks To Deal With "Vaccine Hesitancy!"

In a week where Morrisons supermarkets are refusing service to the Maskless unless they wear a “Yellow Star !!” and introduced joint police Camera Vans in their carparks.

Asda (formerly of wall mart) supermarkets have introduced photo capture tech into their checkouts. !!!

We now have the military rounding up all the data they can on anyone the may have a negative thought in relation to the Covid Vaccine.

Will I be taking a trip on a train to have my head shaved and a free shower !!!

Bastards !!


Getting spooky Moomoo. Wonder how far down the road to tyranny before my good friend Moomoo sees the prophetic writing on the wall…? When vaccines or stickers becomes permanent technological marks at the pain of death, will Mr. Moomoo remember the LORD?

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The UK is going to become a living hell. People don’t really get the UK and what it stands for, it’s Satanic through and through, I’ve known this since I was a child.
Take someone like Jimmy Saville, a known paedophile locally where he lived with his mother and yet royalty had no idea, all the politicians too, absolutely oblivious to the fact that he raped young girls. He had his own keys to children’s homes and even his own room, children’s hospitals too and all the time adored by the most powerful people and families in England because unlike the common folk they had no idea he was an evil piece of shit.

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ben over and take it UK… You all like the globalists so much

Morrison’s have a new line of canned goods on special offer to the disabled people only.

Its said once holocaust denial reaches a certain level, the next holocaust will begin. We are Now at that point in history.

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Trust me we dont we hate them like you do

You all should love bending over, from all the boot licking

I been wondering a long time why all the Uk people with hard ons for Trump and look at you all now. And sure without Trump America is heading there too, but we tried to warn you all. But it was Orange man bad, globalists ok, well now you sleep in the bed you all made.

You talk shit do you live over here or are you just watching msm, people are not following any lockdowns

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never said I was from UK, I argue with the Uk people all the time over Trump. Point WAS that instead of having such hard ons for Trump, you all should have been paying attention to your back yard. Pretty soon your going to comply one way or another, you remember your globalists friends then.
shit is ramping up on you all, you might want to pay attention.

Yellow badge of id? Dont matter what color or shape it is, it is what it is. yellowsr

Your past tried to tell you something…


Lol yet again talking shit you dont even know me, trump was a globalist muppet like the rest of them

**[quote=“Chris.wheeler, post:13, topic:23788, full:true”]

trump was a globalist muppet like the rest of them

Is still a Hella lot better then the PEDOMUPPET You voted for



Hmm, so we would both reject the new tyrranical regime on pain of death, but you would ecncourage me to then join you in an eternal Celestial North Korea ??

Somehow I don’t think your choice would be much of an improvement, If I’m going to die for giving the finger to one tyrant then that finger is for all tyrants.

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That i voted for lol im from England get your facts right ,and i do agree hes a dirty pedo

Lol. I’m sure it won’t be that bad Moo.


Biden = Pedo-Puppet



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Ha just can’t get this out of my swede now



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china- one child policy 1979-2015
… this could very well be ‘zuekunftsmusik’, music of the future, one of the top hits again on the charts… deluxe retail edition, but also for kids… discretion for adults…
If this continues, government(s) could re-introduce programs like this to save us all again and again by killing us all, because some eugenicist wearing a white coat, told a pedophile wearing a black suit that the world must be saved by doing so… if you watch the full version of the documentary beware… you are about to see baby-fetus thrown in the trash… I wanted to make a post about it, as my very first here, but there you go… it fits good here too… and yes… this could be one of the possible models to population control… and that is coming soon to us all… something very sinister took over the governments of the world…basically… this is what some of you call the globalists… shame… it looks like america is losing against this tyranny… if so, those ‘government programs’ to save the world and whatever they want to say to you via msm, are going to be all over the world…all countries… divide and conquer really works well… and then there is the invisible enemy… - war on terror, drugs, covid, etc,… the next one perhaps aliens… to many sheeple already… the point is , china is the model for the rest of the world for this globalists… take care all…