UK Police Employ Little Schoolgirls

No joking here these are very real Police “women” !!
In the age of total equality common sense goes out the window, no offense to these two intended.

When girls like this insist on being policemen , well Huston we got a problem.

If the Audtitor making the video happened to kick off then what chance have the Juno twins here got in detaining him if he doesn’t want to be detained ??

Indeed they’d be crying to dispatch for some testosterone back up a bit quick making themselves quite useless. Who in the hell employs them ? Well seeing how male cops tend to gravitate toward the weak and vulnrable for their jollies I daresay these 2 will keep warm for fun down the pub after a hard day screwing over the public.


Hey man, equality & diversity remember…?

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Little piglets… :rofl:


If you have 6 foot four very angry vilolent man needing to be restrained and a shed load of burgleries to be investigated but only have four officers to spare 2 of which are 6 foot men and 2 are 4 foot girls , who do you send to subdue the angry man ?

Send them all ? = Equality and diverseity but a totally inept police force

Send 2 big men ?= Sheesh ain’t life not equal

Send 2 Schoolgirls? = A totally inept police force but hey, Thelma And Louise keeps the manginas happy

The UK has a totally inept and corrupt police force but what the hell, it’s pretty diverse and that’s what counts eh.

Life is diverse but certainly no equal

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Just curious, do people think there should be a size requirement? Is a male cop that’s 5’4" 120lbs acceptable? What about a woman like Ronda Rousey?

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That look like ronda rousey or pippy longstocking to you?

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I can’t remember the size but there used to be in the UK, that was untill everyone got all inclusive and feminized.

Now all you need to be is a wittless narcissist that was bullied at school to make a Grade A Cuntstable.

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I don’t know what kind of training she has do you? You going to answer my original question, what should the requirements to be a police officer?

there used to be a height requirement.
only the tall need apply.
in a world of pc bs, these kinds of requirement are not allowed.
i can see why they had that rule, intimidation.

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I’ve seen and been in enough fights to know that size won’t win a fight for you

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I wasn’t saying the 2 in the picture should or shouldn’t be cops. I just wanted to know what people thought the requirement should be to become a police officer

I’ve won enough fights to know that it goes a long way towards the win.
funny thing is when you are a big guy, all the little guys want to fight you.
bring it on little guys, physics often wins if the two have similar skills.
that’s why heavyweight boxers etc only fight other heavyweights.
it wasn’t what i was getting at though, just putting it out there that there used to be a height requirement.

i would like to see empathy as a requirement, but they would probably struggle to find empathetic people who want to be a cop.

I wasnt trying to be critical of your post I actually was unaware of the height requirements so I learned something, I just repeated my question because I was genuinely curious what people thought

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I used to be one of the only guys that would train with my old boss hands on due to his size. I’m 6’2 250lb and he makes me look small. If it was straight up hands he never had a chance but it didn’t take him long to figure out if he got his hands on me all he had to do was hold on and fall down. There aint shit you can do with a 380lb man on top of you. Skill takes a back seat to breathing at that point. He never did get a set of cuffs on me but he could’ve killed me if that was what he wanted to do.

I’ll still take skill over size, you’ve got 2 inches and 75lbs on Royce Gracie I don’t know you so I can’t say but do you think you’d come out on top?

Benny hill country.

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The minimum physical requirements tests have been removed for most public servants across Europe. The even the fire brigade has stepped down on their requirements and mostly they say “candidates will be required to pass a physical exam”. I’d imagine it going to be the same for police but not as stringent. Everyone wants to be politically correct and likeable.


That aint a gracie in the video either. That would be when the duty belt belt comes into play though and she does have one of those.

Most people aren’t 6’2" 250 either