Unbelievable Titus Tunnel

Never heard of this site buys unbelievable…this site, Vespasianus Titus Tunnel is located in the Middle East and is approximately 1450 meters long…


Said to be constructed around 70-150ish AD…some amazing slides of this site in the back of the video…enjoy…

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Holy crap, thats cool :sunglasses::+1:t2::grinning:

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I tried to get a better idea of this part of the world but I’ll be buggered if I’m succeeding…I snuck in a mystery history post the other day in the scratch marks in tunnels/quarries…I checked so many times coz I thought you’d have posted for sure lol :beers:

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Why the need for such high roof lines and entrances i politely wonder?


Roman grandiose perhaps? :rofl:, yeah nah I know what you politely enquiring about :beers:

Maybe for A race of Giants? Or they wanted lots of airflow…
Thanks Skippy!!! (hairs split were not harmed)


“THE” or “A” race of giants?..I know I know :beers:



Wow I haven’t ever heard of this one either ! Curious to know it’s purpose. To put such an enormous effort to create such a tunnel whoever made it must have had a very important reason. :thinking:
Good find skip thanks for the post bro :beers:

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It’s insane how many things just keep popping up…

I think your guess would be as good as mine mate…you’d safely assume it wasn’t for an unseen escape route…if it was originally Roman built…could be a re-use and expand job…it’s huge in some parts too…

If it’s weird or wonderful…just look for the burning question seal of approval :rofl: :beers:

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It looks like some kind of transportation tunnel,
machine type transportation?

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At first I was thinking it looked like a mine entrance too…but then there’s so much quality over and above for that being the sole purpose…I’m totally open to ideas on this one lol :beers:

Never heard of this either…it makes you wonder how much is hidden, either intentionally or not… :beers:



I’ve heard of so many places I’ve never heard of recently it’s not funny…I’d say quite a bit a guess too mate…I’d like to think mostly unintentional… :beers:

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fractures of the rock, stylized

A Marvel of construction, if im not mistaken is the biggest tunnel built by hand.
The tunnel was built during 3 emperors from Vespasianus to Antoninus passing by Titus and the reason was to diverge the water to the sea. That was close to the port of the access to Antiochia were the Romans had one of their largest fleet, the water coming from the mountains during the rain would fill the port with dirt so they thought to build different diversions, they built many of those canals to fix the problem but most of them were unsuccessful.
The Tunnel was mainly built by Jewish slaves after the Romans conquered Jerusalem, it was built by hand and scalpel and still today is in very good conditions.

Great Post Skippy!



Wowsers cheers your add mate, appreciate it…it’s an awesome effort in terms of its construction for its purpose…but then again the romana didn’t really do anything by halves in their building feats either :+1: :beers:

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