University of California Will No Longer Consider SAT and ACT Scores

The university system has reached a settlement with students to scrap even optional testing from admissions and scholarship decisions.

" The University of California will not take SAT and ACT scores into account in admissions or scholarship decisions for its system of 10 schools, which include some of the nation’s most sought-after campuses, in accordance with a settlement in a lawsuit brought by students.

The settlement announced on Friday signals the end of a lengthy legal debate over whether the University of California system should use the standardized tests, which students of color and those with disabilities have said put them at a disadvantage. Opponents of the tests called the settlement “historic,” and said that it would broaden access to campuses for students across the state.

“Today’s settlement ensures that the university will not revert to its planned use of the SAT and ACT — which its own regents have admitted are racist metrics,” said Amanda Mangaser Savage, a lawyer representing the students.

Some 225,000 undergraduate students attend University of California schools, and the settlement this week makes the system the largest and best-known American institution of higher education to distance itself from the use of the two major standardized tests.

The settlement resolves a 2019 lawsuit brought by a coalition of students, advocacy groups and the Compton Unified School District, a largely Black and Hispanic district in Los Angeles County. The plaintiffs said that the college entrance tests are biased against poor and mainly Black and Hispanic students — and that by basing admissions decisions on those tests, the system illegally discriminates against applicants on the basis of their race, wealth and disability.

In January, the College Board, which produces the SAT, said that it would scrap subject tests and the optional essay section, further scrambling the admissions process."

I guess they figure you don’t need a basic education to be fully indoctrinated in leftist ideology (?)


So what they are saying is people of color can’t pass a standardized text[ that they can study for], isn’t that a little racist?


What’s next? PHD’s complete a 3 month online course?


At this rate, orientation day will become graduation day.

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I guess studying is racist too?
Absolute society wrecking nutters of the highest order.


We don’t have sat/act tests here, are they that important? Do they just ensure high school materials have been learned and that grades are accurate or is there more to them than that. To be clear I don’t really have an opinion if I had to I’d say I don’t see how taking them could be anything but a good thing

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It is California, there is no wonder.

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I would say it was a test meant for those pursuing college. I scored a perfect. I studied a lot. I didn’t get bonus points for my race or gender. I earned my score.

This action will not help anyone.



SAT and ACT dropped but lets see if vaccines will be mandatory.

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You’re nothing but a Big Studying Bigot!

I went to St. Francis Xavier University…if there had have been SAT or ACT scores to get in…I would have been screwed.

Oh and…

Lol… Let’s make them all doctors and lawyers

With all the idiots in the world today the scores would seem meaningless. The scores would be so low that they couldn’t even be measured correctly. Being intelligent today is a rare commodity. It also offends the dummies!..

In What other societies were the educated tracked down and murdered throughout history.

See the Cycle ?

It is happening again.

Where the useful idiots will be used and another group of highly educated people will be sacrificed to keep what is known, unknown.

Remember This ? Even Debating has changed. Is it ot about facts but how you feel and how theatric you are in your presentation.

What did we expect.
They dont want critical thinkers they want stupid ignorant mind controlled social justice warriors to do there future mass murdering so they are desensitising the children to violence teaching them to be racist sexist mysoginist teaching them to be victims self righteous know it alls that are very ignorant and very emotionally violent and hateful.
Perfect for the coming end times chaos reset.

Look how ignorant todays social justice progressives already are imagine another ten years of “education” lol.
Monsters of babylon they will be.

This is how satans systems work always have but the elite satanists are ramping up the agendas getting the kids prepped for ultraviolence against there own kin even.
Thats how evil progressive satanic ideology really is.
The fools think its actually progressing society muwahahaha thats how stupid and blinded they are.


It is all part of the “dumbing down” of society.

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