USPS Creating National Biometric Background Check System

Partnering With The FBI


No Takers ??

This is a Big Deal


Just saw this. You know, i read years before discovering dtv that when shtf and we get herded off to camps, it’ll be the usps doing the herding for fema. Hence all that ammo.

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You May Be Right…


Does anyone rememer a video from America of thusands of plastic coffins in fields !

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Settle down I’m reading

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Wink Wink …:eyes:

Those plastic coffins were in a FEMA storage facility in the desert along with cages. Their lie was they are there for a national emergency like earthquake, tsunami or pandemic… Now think on this, according the lying MSM media people were dying by the thousands each day. So why no plastic coffins? I am not so worried about the USPS service with their level of accuracy. I can order off Amazon and a package get to the post office 10 miles from my house where my mail comes from and the next day it is in Richmond Virginia 7 hours away and it take 3 more days to get it. …

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Jesse ventura Showed them years ago. In conspiracy show on T V about 8-10 yrs.ago. Don’t forget to take a shower when you get there.

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The government is making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

You No Wut Dey Kin Do Wit Dat List


They can shove it all the way up their collective asses till they vomit.

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