Vaccine farce

Vaccines are supposed to be ready in Canada by Feb’s end

:pray: :beers:

Word has it the UK will see mass vax role out within weeks if it passes the safety standards. Which is now under going. Watch and wait to see how it all plays out.

They brought in 2000 military here a few months back as well as a convoy of chinese troops which were found coming in thru the back roads into New Bunswick / Maine border…

:pray: :beers:

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I guess I am comforted that there are so many dummies that will line up for this, probably won’t ever even have to worry about someone trying to make me take it. And I won’t, I ASSURE TPTB OF THAT FACT!

Pray for the UK.


Pray for all humanoids (not reptilians) in the country and keep them safe.

Let them! Once there are mass adverse reactions their tune might change. England is already preparing for this. What could happen though, is if the internet gets shut down, word of mass adverse reactions could be contained to just those communities.


What we need in this rapid technology growth. Is for someone to invent those sunglasses out of the movie They Live. So we can see exactly who we need to fight.


Funny you mentioned the internet getting shut down Mr Fox.
Because our health secretary Mr Hancock is demanding the censorship of any site that is against the vaccine. Basically anyone who says NO to taking the vaccine needs to be silenced. Think of it this way. The UK will be one of the first nations to use this amazing vaccine! Ask why? Is it to ensure they get rid of those who said feck you EU? and so slow the NWO globalist agenda? We had when vote leave won those on the rema2in the EU demand a new vote once we got rid of the elderly in a few years time! Yes thats right get rid of the elderly! First UK government convid policy was to send ALL elderly in hospital back to care homes with no testing for convid. This was an act of in my eyes genocide. They have been taken to court on this. Now we have all treatment and diagnosis been stopped on the NHS surely this is another targeted group to be discarded? As prime minister Boris Johnson once said we need to get rid of these useless eaters that take up resources and gives nothing back! Nazi comment our what!

You guys are leading the way. God watch over you, because it sounds like it’s gonna get rough… :pray:

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I feel we are going to be the first has punishment for Brexit. The media bere has worked 25/8 to push convid has the worlds most deadly illness. People have believed it, without even taking rime to research what there told. I for one won’t have it and i will will fight to ensure no one in my family have it as well. My eldest was tested positive for it 6 wks ago 3 days of flu symptoms nothing more. The rest of us all take multi vitamins and minerals both the wife and i have asthma a you know i have heart failure. Yet i got nothing! To me healthy diet and keeping up with vitamins and minerals both help keep you well. Yet it is not been said by anyone at all. I hope God is watching, and notes those who have denied the truth of this healthy diet and punishes them for all the deaths caused. For this surely is in the 10 commandments of thou shall not kill.

I can’t remember who posted this (very recent, not me).

I would invest in these fo sho’!

I watched the video of it. And basicly it was said not to be a movie but a documentary by carpenter who wrote it. Hell the people who invent these sunglasses will not only wake up the world but be billionaires

Having a solid spiritual foundation is key at this point. We all know what’s going to happen. It’s just how are going to get there? On our knees? Or standing firmly knowing God has your back?

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Who would have thought
Gates Wife is a very Handsome Man

guns and fastcars

I will always stand by my oath to protect the people of the UK, more so has a soldier God. To fight all the evils we are about to be faced with.

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I was reading comments last night in one of the national newspapers and i couldn’t beleive what i was reading it seems they have worn down many UK citizens their where a lot of people who couldn’t wait to get vaccinated.

Someone was asking for my vaccination invite honestly i tried telling people to at least ask what is in the vaccine before taking it and i let people know that this vaccine can’t possibly be safe or tested properly within the timeframe pfizer and moderna have had.

Most in England arnt following the lockdown,they tried to test the whole of Liverpool and only managed 25% the media is full of shit, good luck with that vaccine it aint happening


That’s encouraging news!

Your using a national paper to judge the situation,they are full of shit, people arnt following this second failed lockdown, so im pretty sure alot of people wont have a vaccine, you cant judge public opinion on what a paper tells you

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