Vaccine side effects shown at a FDA presentation in 2020

The following list of jab side effects appeared for a split second at 2:33:40 in an FDA presentation on October 22, 2020.

The specific slide appears only for a split second. It was scrolled through and not presented properly. During that split second, this screen, which shows the adverse effects of the jab that the FDA knew of in October 2020, before they even allowed it to be used. Knowing this, they then proceeded to allow it to be used.

Original video. Skip to the 2:33:40 mark:

The slide is also in the PDF document buried on the FDA website:


And the presenter became hesitant right before this…
Good catch!


Watched in context I’m not sure the slide is as nefarious as it first appears. He’s talking about a possible list of adverse outcomes that would be considered for monitoring/evaluation if they showed up. He says he’s not going to dwell on it and it’s available to the people attending the “meeting.” It also doesn’t appear that he’s in control of the slides, as he’s asking someone else for slides by number.

The nefarious part is they’re actually now 9 months later seeing half (or more of) that list and ignoring it. The ACIP hearing on myocarditis was a joke.


https: //


I don’t disagree with a word of that.


This is a perfect example of the Golden Rule (get as close to the source as you can). Thank you so much for this find.

You opened a wormhole. Let’s explore it.

wtf? /

You get the idea? SEARCH WHILE WE CAN, and start a thread with the most important bits.

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What funny things can be found…

Lmao that’s a score right there.
It’s funny cause I’ve seen that episode like 100 times with my daughter

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