Valiant Thor, The Benevolent Alien With An IQ Of 1200

Val Valiant Thor lived as a stranger at the Pentagon for three years interacting with President Eisenhower and Vice President at the White House and Air Force military brass. This video explores the conspiracy theories surrounding Val Thor’s Pentagon tenure.

Dr. Stranges Ph.D. and the longest-running UFO story in history

Dr. Frank Strange is best known today for his best selling work ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ which was first published in 1967. His book captured the imagination and sparked one of the longest-running mythologies relating to the UFO phenomenon and hollow Earth in his history. If his sensational story is true, as many people believe it is, then it strikes an entirely new perspective on the history of 20th century America.

Dr. Stranges always struck rather a curious figure in UFO circles. He was a dedicated UFO hunter and a freelance private investigator who apparently never had any trouble accepting the veracity of extra-terrestrial activity. At the same time, he was an evangelical Christian preacher and the founder of a group called the International Evangelism Crusades. According to Dr. Franke, it was this unusual combination of beliefs that marked him out as the natural messenger for some very important otherworldly information.

Val Thor and Jill aliens from Planet Venus?

Dr. Stranges claimed that at some point in 1958, he came into the possession of a photograph of a space alien named Val Valiant Thor and his second in command, a female named Jill. Dr. Stranges showed off the image at UFO conferences and claimed that Val Thor and Jill were extra-terrestrial beings from planet Venus. This behavior attracted the attention of the authorities, and eventually, Dr. Stranges was contacted by a Pentagon insider called Nancy Warren who told him that, astoundingly, Val himself had requested a personal meeting.

Naturally, Dr. Stranges was more than happy to accept the invitation and met with Valiant Thor. Val informed him that he and his three-person crew had arrived on March 16th, 1957 in a town called Alexandria in Virginia. After Nancy Warren and Frank Strange landed in Alexandria, they are said to have met with two police officers who quickly transferred the information they were telling them to the Pentagon. The four extra-terrestrial beings would then go on to meet with Neil H McElroy, the Secretary of Defence at the time, and following that, President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon. It is believed that for a significant period after this meeting, Val and his team met with the senior politicians and Air Force commanders on numerous occasions and gave them advice on policy and dealings with other extra-terrestrial beings.

According to Val Thor, there was a particular reason why he had chosen Dr. Stranges to meet with and tell his story to, and that reason was Dr. Stranges’s devout Christian faith. Val informed Dr. Stranges that the Bible was a representation of the truth but that Jesus Christ was not a human being but rather a space alien. He claimed that he had wanted to preach this news on Earth but that he had been dissuaded from doing so by the senior politicians of the day. However, Val told Dr. Stranges that this disappointed had not stopped him from continuing his mission to preach the Galactic word of Jesus Christ which continues probably to the present day.


He sure doesn’t look like a typical bacterium from Venus!:alien:

Rumour has it he came from the the Pleiades.
They are all supposed to look human.


Sorry, but this is pure BS, fiction and misinformation. I’ve been a space historian, a theoretical physicist since 1973, and a Field Investigator with MUFON since 1989 and I know and knew most major physicists of the last forty years. This is fiction at its finest and never took place. Sorry.


If he had an IQ of 1200 the last thing he’d be worried about is being held captive by intellectual ants such as humans. No one would would ever be able to outhink him well enough to hold him captive. He would think so clearly and learn so fast that even super computers wouldn’t be able to comprehend him, and the ridiculous idea or notion (actually the lie) that a superbeing with an IQ that high would be “working for the military” is a joke, and anyone trying to insult the intelligence of a thinking person with this BS is also a joke. SMIB


When you see a claim of a iq over 120, know this then there is little science to it

The Lost History Channel TKTC

The Lost History Channel TKTC sent me this 2day About V.Thor…


Good to have a rational and educated mind on board.
Even better knowing you spent years of your life in pursuit of truth.

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Excellent video.


I lean more towards the reality that Valiant Thor here is a talented and gifted channel, to which the REAL Thor is able to transmit communications through. The real gods are giants, have divine superior EVERYTHING, and just might be those Elohim/alien craft/repair drone vehicles parked just outside the realm by the hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of thousands (according to Enoch). Nanoo Nanoo… :flying_saucer: :artificial_satellite: :ringer_planet: :zap: :cloud_with_lightning: :comet:

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So please inform us on where we can read Enoch saying that? Let me tell you i have read the Bible in its entirety many times and the Book of Enoch many times and he did not say that anywhere in that book at all.

Please quantify that statement

of the Ezekiel kind?!

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I have 3 copies of the book of enoch published from 3 different generations of man. 1 copy I have in a physical book. The Keys of Enoch, the channeled information from Enoch himself is also something I have studied at great depth, driven by a very spiritually profound dream I had with Enoch himself. I quantify through intuition, animal instincts, and with tempered wisdom. If you can be specific to what you are finding offensive in my expression, then perhaps I can appease the need to clarify better. My intention is never to confuse. I do not speak for Enoch. I am a devoted believer in his amazing works, and Identities over the ages.

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I never said it was offensive. What I said is that you claimed Enoch said something which he did not say. Those unauthentic books are nothing but science fiction.
And sorry, animal instinct or intuition is a personal thing, but not a proven fact thing. The book of Enoch clearly tells us what the watchers are and who the nephilim were as well. Perhaps you should read that book again and not with the mind set of " I am going to find a space alien here somewhere"

Offended I am not, knowledgeable on his writings I am.


I will clarify that it is my personal belief that Earth Gaia, Terra is a Giant. That celestial sphere’s may harbor spirit essence… making them individual giants.

Thank you. Same extended to to you Sir.

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Which copy of his book do you study from? I can narrow my perspective to better match yours if you wish, then we can discuss. I aim to take in a vast universal perspective. Enoch is the master Jedi, the Merlin Mage, Oober Sage, Historian, Map Maker, and true noble spirit of man. He came to me with a bright blue crystal embedded into his forehead, out of blue beam of light from a stunning saucer shaped vehicle. I know my experiences of Enoch more than anything. Guiding father figure of sorts. I would never quote him without using proper context anyways… meaning that I respect the formula of providing text reference, authorship and page number. I respect the works of many hard working minds out there to unravel what is indeed, a very mysterious human past. Enoch is key.

There is not but one authentic copy. I have saw the books from the ufo conventions, spirit shops and such places but they are complete forgeries and fakes. The Enoch they are channeling is not the Enoch of the Bible in the Pre-Noah days.

Demons masquerade as dead people in order to fool or mislead people or worse. You cannot channel the spirit of a dead human.

The authentic book of Enoch says the watchers were angels that began to lust after human women. The result was children that were of non-human proportions as well as being cannibals. God punished the watcher and banished them from Heaven. They went to Enoch and asked him to plead with God on their behalf but God told Enoch plainly “there is no forgiveness for them”. There is no mention of them flying around in crafts or even channeling with humans.
Channeling is a dangerous practice. I have saw many possessions from this practice.

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Excellent point, but then again in reference to the validity of Enoch’s (if such a person ever existed at all) rendition, we must first consider the fact that the book we refer to (the bible) is a mutation of the King James version, of which itself is a mutation of the earlier version written by King Constantine’s scribe Eusebius at the behest of the Nicean Council in 325 ACE, of which even that bible was a modified version of even an earlier version with 169 different interim interpretations and rewrites of them all between its inception to this very day. With these historical facts documented and understood, it cannot be objectively stated that there was ever an Enoch in the first place, matter of fact other than Augustus Caesar it cannot be verified that anyone else in the bible ever existed at all , let alone the alleged Enoch’s version of alleged “Watchers”. All these bibles and the stories within them were written by the vile, lying, treacherous creatures called men, and while writing them none had nor have proof that anything within them was or is true.


Well be kind and share the book details, publication date, edition, who compiled it and takes authorship over your copy. As I said before I have 3 copies of the Book of Enoch. I also study many many other early christian banned texts (things omitted from Bible). I cannot hope to engage further unless I can read through the exact copy that you are so attached to, so that we may both be able to draw from quotes and page numbers and not get lost. Good Day Danny. Enoch bless you.