Vatican admits it has nearly depleted its financial reserves


The Vatican admits it has nearly depleted its financial reserves and pleads for more donations from the faithful.

The Vatican published its 2021 budget in its latest effort at greater transparency. It seeks to reassure donors that money is being well spent after mismanagement.

However, the Vatican warned it has nearly depleted its reserves from donations. It is now urging the faithful to continue giving to cover its budget deficit.

Francis’ economy minister, Reverend Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, said the pandemic reduced donations as well as revenue from shuttered museums. He said this would contribute to a projected 30 percent reduction in revenue.

The reduction will be 213 million euros in 2021, from 307 million euros in 2019.



Lies from the vatican. Shocker.


One last stab at emptying some pockets. Bilk the followers with guilt as a weapon.

There’s people out there giving every penny they have to churches and then go without basic necessities themselves.

Not saying they don’t have the right to,
but what they do need to do is cut back on the lavish lifestyles they portray as a so called place of worship.


Better start selling some relics…


Wow!! Dont believe that for a second.

Numerous works of art throughout history, mountains of gold usurped throughout the ages and all the ancient scripts locked away for at least 2000 years??? – aye … theyre skint right enough :joy::joy::joy:


Of course they have no money…wasn’t the vatican and the tunnels below emptied out of the D.U.M.B.S, the gold and artifacts and documents allegedly removed :
Map shows Undergound D.U.M.B tunnel from the Vatican to Jerusalem.

very curious.


They can get proper jobs now .plus they might have had to spend all there money HUSH money to keep the children and there family,s from talking about all the molesting to all the children through out the world .Just a thought.


Just write the check out to SATAN


Notice the wording-“from DONATIONS” so not from what they actually really have because recently i read somewhere they have 30 billion in gold reserves, i would believe that too.
They dont want to spend there capital only the “donations” are depleted as the words say aye?
Please no offence whatsoever from me to any catholic here i really luv you all but im sorry to say this rcc system reaks of something very wrong to me personally.
I also feel they dont adhere to real christian bibical doctrine either but thats just my mere humble opinion nothing more.


Escort services and cocaine deplete funds vehemetly.


You guys clearly haven’t been following Simon Parkes!
According to him and his inside contacts, a few weeks ago those he
describes as “the white hats” raided the Vatican bank taking some
24 quadrillion in assets. He claims that we are on the verge of
another type of ‘new world order’, this time it’s one for the people
not for the “elite”.


I was in need of some financial help during lockdown and needed a foodbank :pensive: the foodbank gave me a vouncher to take to a local church near me which was a horrible experience not because I was embarrassed but because the church priest and other church helpers saying I won’t goto heaven if I didn’t support God? I said to him I’m a man of science and data but he kept persisting looking at me as weak.
Thats one way not to get me to support the church and they do this to all people who go into the church for foodbank, they try and pry on the weak.
It should be a friendly environment, relaxing going into a chjrch for a foodbank voucher not to be looked down upon and made to feel uneasy.


Their donations account may well be drying up but their plundered reserves are bursting at the seems I’m sure.

I have a suggestion though that may help. The Vatican library could start a little side number renting out books, you know, the kind that are usually kept under lock and key. I’d pay a few quid to have a rummage through there haha


You should have pulled them up on that, definately not what i would call proper christian ethic, this is why i personally dont go anywhere near churches for my faith, its just me and my friends on here some good quality youtube vids etc and the bible and thats it.
Sorry they treated you like that but this is very typical of the hypocrisy of modern fake infiltrated churchianity hiding in these types of cults these days sadly.


Agree :100: Church can be anywhere and my church is at home. Perhaps when going on long drives. Perhaps in the shower. Not when I am told to go by an earthly figure.


Np, the problem I found that day was they automatically thought I was either a drug or alcohol addict with problems, all it was just me losing my job due to the pandemic and having to wait 5weeks for my 1st benefit payment to be processed which left me short for food but they spoke to me like I was some uneducated, substance abuse user with no intelligence.
The church leader said to me I was running out of time believing in GOD and I would go to hell if I didn’t support the church etc.
He didn’t listen once to my beliefs about science created the universe not a person, refused outright my beliefs like I was a nut job lol.
Little did he know I have a high IQ, great family and friends, full of confidence, always been in work, travelled very well and I’ve been a best man at my friend’s weddings 5 times now, not many people can say they’ve been a best man 5 times which I hold as my best achievement in life.