Vatican City

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" Vatican City is the only state in the world without chickens…"

Did they choke them all?

Vatican City Has Men’s And Women’s National Football (Soccer) Teams

How do they fake an injury on a fowl like every other team? Does anyone ever get carded when they play against them?

Vatican City is where the most evil is concentrated in one spot. People look to places like New Orleans, The stairs in Holland, Thailand for evil of all kinds. The worst evil is happening right there and one of the most evil men on the planet and owning the most blind followers is right there in Vatican City. They fashion their buildings and artwork in honor to Satan. Look at the statue of Phoenix rising from the ashes which is nothing but a bust of satan rising from hell. Look at the great meeting hall. If you look at the architecture they are actually meeting from the brain of the serpent. Its evil incarnate and Its not phoenix rising but its Babylon rising.


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