Viking Silver From Isle of Man - 1000-Year-Old Analog Version of Bitcoin

Viking Silver Found on Isle of Man Represents 1,000-Year-Old Analog Version of Bitcoin

Off the coast of the Irish Sea, humans have lived on the Isle of Man since before 6500 B.C. The island has a robust history of Viking Age treasures. According to a recent announcement from Manx National Heritage, a heritage agency located there, an amateur treasure hunter recently discovered a hoard of Viking silver on the island. U.S.-based researcher and numismatist, Dr. Kristin Bornholdt-Collins, said the unearthed Viking silver hoard was similar to today’s cryptocurrency and embodied a 1,000-year-old comparison to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin.

Viking ‘Hack’ Silver Hoard Was Modern-Day Equivalent to a Cryptocurrency

This may be because bullion was especially convenient for international trade since it was practical for any size transaction and was decentralized, a currency without borders or political affiliation.

In this sense, it was a modern-day equivalent to a cryptocurrency — We might even say it was something like the original ‘Bitcoin.’ It seems only logical, then, that it was so popular in a cosmopolitan trading hub like Man, even several decades into the 11th century, when closely regulated minted silver was well on its way to becoming the norm across Northern Europe.

OP Note:
So since the Vikings inhabited North America for 5,000 years prior to “Native Americans” there’s no telling how much Viking Crypto is stashed in America, especially where scuppernongs and muscadines grow wildly!


That is pretty neat. Not quite crypto, but still cool.

Down with fiat currency!!!


VTC ? Just kidding.

It seems bizarre to me to think as a civilized human being, that back then money was even needed considering the bartering nature of so called savages in the vicinity. But as a marauder and hoarder coins were necessary and it’s quite a collectors dream to own these relics of the past.

Sliver…just think…an ounce of silver is only worth $25 bucks today and I am rounding off…lol

Crazy! I live here and its the first I’ve heard of it - awesome stuff

I’m sure there is a ton more waiting to be found dotted around the Island :beers:

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Really? No word of it locally? If you hear any talk of it I’d be interested to know. Thanks

I’ll have a little look around but most of the news here is the obv’s doom and gloom! I shall let you know if I hear anything else :+1:

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When I was 4 years old we holidayed on the Isle of Man, I had a toy Land Rover car that I buried on the beach, I found coins, helmets, swords but no bloody Land Rover :unamused:

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