Wake up for crying out loud!

If you have not noticed, the usual scheduling programming of people on the news is still taking place and you should be able to see it now more than ever!
Here in the uk we have mass televised football plastered in the news.

Yes don’t think about the lives just destroyed by the government we want you to think of football instead while we continue to do what we want and screw the people over like we do year in year out and no one ever cares about what is actually going on. They just rollover and accept more and more political dictatorship whilst our people are struggling to live and dying around us. Oh yes football is really that important.

In the US, we have ufos in the news,

In the 1980s, the US government had in its possessions over 500 types of spacecraft that they built here on earth. They were busy adding to that number and by now have lots more. The powers that be know EVERYTHING about extraterrestrial life and all they do is give you crap to distract you whilst they laugh and continue their plans of control and domination over us all.

When it comes to life here on this earth it is all created and set up purposefully.
The people in power are using the ancient knowledge of geometry to shape the world and the minds of people all over. They know all. Our dna pattern is a geometric pattern. We were created purposefully by someone else with the knowledge of dna and how to form atoms and molecules together.
The links I have posted on other threads gives you everything you need to know on where they get their ideas from and tells you exactly what you are and what your purpose here is and this is what they have been keeping from us all whilst they have been using us to serve them while they rule using this knowledge.
Even the nazi empire wanted the rid the world of those they deemed unworthy of life because the powers that be have been wanting that ever since they have been in control. They hate the sick, the old and those they deem worthless and used a vaccine program to kill them off.

What they have been doing to us, what they are doing to us and what they want to keep doing to us is completely against the humanity we have been bound with.

You are all individual spirits of the one true creator. You are here to experience and learn. How you do this is your choice. This is what they do not want you to understand. That is why there is so much misleading information out there because they want you to believe you are a small insignificant human being when you are a spiritual conscious simply having an experience and inside is where your powers lie.
You all have that power of the creator in you for we are all one and the same simply experiencing life from a different point of view but there are truths that bind us together.
The world has its own spiritual awareness and growth as well which you can see from the natural earth changing events. It changes just as we do but on a bigger scale. Gravity is like the breath of the planet taking one giant suck of breath in. The SUN of the creator was placed where it was to give life on its surface and all the other planets geometric movements assist its growth and change. This is why they still worship planets today. The crowns worn by royals signifies saturn. Hieroglyphs contain images of saturn also not the sun. The sun god ra was a lie created by the bloodlines of the rothschilds to keep the people serving their rich masters.

I have shared this symbol with you all many times. It stands for geometry.
These rich people have been using this knowledge to keep us serving them. This knowledge is a beautiful truth that they have been keeping for themselves whilst giving us all twisted versions of it so they… Keep… Power.

The rest is all a clever game they have created and they have been using the same strategies for centuries and they really are staring you in the face.



So Mote It Be!

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Bingo, except I’m not too sure about RA. I think the ets that descended upon earth where the egyptian leaders. Here to advance humanity. Half bird, half crocodile or half dog beings, and the elongated scull ones too. They noticed that humanity was going in the wrong direction, and packed up and left for the time being, which the service to self took over. Our sun provides for us, as well as the central pleiadian sun that we revolve around. Just my perspective.


Chemtrails + holograms + advanced aircraft gifted by fallen angels through blood sacrifice + 5g mind control + ufo disclosure and movies = alien invasion NWO

Read the law of one that I have posted the links to in my other posts. Ra are not what you think. Neither is anything we have ever been told.
Ra state to be a thought group that consists of many different individual conscious spirits. They call themselves the brothers and sisters of sorrow. In the law of one, Ra claims to have come here 11,000 years ago and again around 6,000 years ago. They reckon the first time they came here was in a bell shaped aircraft and that they came from venus. When they landed here they were different to humans. They were giant in size and their skin was pure gold. They were shunned by the people for this and so they left but they were venerated as gods by those in power at the time and used to keep people in fear.
The second time they came, they claim to have contacted Egypt and macchu picchu. The Egyptians took the knowledge given to them and used it to enslave mankind further. They also allegedly had cloning technology and created half breed creatures to be worshipped as gods.
Ra claim to have contacted a lesser pharaoh by the name of Amun. Amun implemented the law of one in his house but when he died, other wealthier pharaohs stripped his house and changed everything that was taught and created the lie of the sun god Amun Ra. Ra claim the powers in control today are those that worship beings from orion. Like lucifer and they claim to have been at war with the orions for centuries.

They claim that the contact with macchu picchu was successful and the people that lived there learned how to spiritually progress to the next stage of existence. From 3rd density to 4th density. Macchu picchu is a wonder of the world because the inhabitants simply disappeared but Ra claims they are still there but operating on a different vibrational frequency to us which is why we cannot see them. They even claim the one known as jesus was actually a 4th density being called jehoshua who incarnated here in the 3rd density form to teach us about the love vibration and the law of one. He was killed for refusing to use his teachings to control others as this is not the point in love or the law of one and the law of one is a fundamental law that binds each and every one of us together which is what they do not want us to know. The roman empire had him killed and then around 200 years later, used some of his teachings to create Christianity.

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So the spiritual consciousness group of RA, not a single being, gotcha, I did know about others in this group “Ra”. They came here to better humanity, and their teachings where twisted and stripped to suit the powers in charge. I have heard about some of the negatives from Orion. Being they are highly advanced and battling with the light for a many eons. Did they come here each time after the cosmic events?. Will look into your link.

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It takes a long time to read. They claim to be the ones who built the pyramids. They claim they used telepathy to communicate with the atoms and molecules to form the blocks to build the pyramids. They were originally in perfect geometric alignment with orions belt. Funny how someone makes a movie using this knowledge about people who can use mind powers to love objects… Many movies today contain a lot of this stuff because it has always been used and twisted to keep us under their control but this is not what Ra meant for this information to be used…

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Here is the actual link,

And you can actually search on YouTube for the original recordings of each chapter and hear it for yourself. Quicker and easier to read and digest the information but listening to it is really cool.


I will do, I love the high vibratory brain food. Thank you.

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No problem dude enjoy…