(Walking Through Walls) : Free Energy Released

(Walking Through Walls) : Free Energy Released

A new patent showing how the resonance of human auras if managed in a frequency range will allow people to walk through solid objects like walls, so its not a stretch that free power devices and electro-gravitics craft are all part of the Navy UFO file release. Woo-woo is now main stream.


This is not new. Good job posting this. I learned of this tech in college, my professor worked for Los Alamos. What he showed me in private was incredible to say the least. :+1:

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Walls are perceived as solid. We make then this way.

Wow that’s super cool. Now you think maybe the elites knew about this for sure… & have been trying their best at keeping people from recognizing & harnessing their own chakras? This is amazing.

@chronicnerd you’re a pretty intelligent person. What’s your take on this?

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Brings me back to an on going topic around here of John St. Clair. An inventor with a pile of registered patents with inventions beyond what we can fathom. Then a weird situation where these same advanced tech patents continually were being filed but under the name David John St. Clair, Christopher John St. Clair Webber, or some other St. Clair family name.

We did some of our own digging and found the patents registered to a pretty random condo in Puerto Rico. The only unit with all storm shutters closed. The only unit with AC units all rusted out. Somewhere there’s a post on here with all the photos.

Fascinating very fascinating (my best colonel Turner impersonation from Where Eagle’s Dare):rofl: but here is a question on this. Now it shows you the resonant frequency of different parts of the body to attain the ability to pass through a solid wall. But what would happen in has you pass through said wall you concentration slips and so you loose said resonance. Would you suddenly become stuck half in half out :thinking: bit like what was described in the Philadelphia experiment.


Well, the video covers a lot of ground…
This is some heavy math that I am not 100% able to understand due to the complexity and just that it sort of requires one to have a current really good working knowledge of high-level calculus. To better understand magnetic and gravitational fields this is a good source (but really complicated):
Gravitational-magnetic-electric field interaction - ScienceDirect

However, what I can say is that gravity really is just energy’s impact of space-time. Basically, energy “dents space” over “time” and as such if you view gravity this way then it starts to make sense. Everything is relative to everything else…

One “concept” is to create “slightly deeper” dents in space-time in broader region around some kind of “vehicle/craft” and then “twirling” those dents in a “typically oval or circular” pattern. Due to the creation of “gravitational waves” you will get a bleed off of those waves that will effectively “pinch space-time” within the circular/oval area which creates a “seemingly” lower gravity “dent” in that area (think of waves in an ocean or lake colliding and they push upwards to make a bigger wave). Where “lower gravity” means “up” for us on this planet.

So, there could be something to the patterns discussed in the video, but in all reality I am highly doubtful that anyone on this site would be able to “figure out what it really means”.

I mean…heh… the “pill” UFO spotted by the navy has a below zero signature (close to black) which means the “energy level” in the space around the craft is much lower than the energy field around it…if you look at the video you can see the outer most part of the “pill” is like a bright white that fades outwards (i.e. emits radiation) which would be sort of like taking a super-deluxe high end water pump that could basically "suck the water out of the immediate areas and evenly distribute it in a spherical pattern at about a 10-15 foot diameter’s distance…the area within that 10-15 foot area would have “less water by volume” than on the outside…as a matter of fact there would be “more water” around the border of the diameter and then it would slowly level out like 30-50 feet from the 10-15 foot boundary (i.e. like 40-55 feet from the center). Similar concept with the “pill” but it is energy that is basically being “sucked up and pumped out”… with additional gravitoelectromagnetic properties because the field(s) have to rotate in a specific pattern in order to yield the desired result.

So…the video… possibly portions of it are true and most likely other portions are just “ghost artifacts” of information that were “associated” with frequency but in reality they are just patterns.

Of course, everything in the universe boils down to “frequencies”…we are all nothing more than “energy that has complex frequencies” (from the sub-atomic level and up)…now being able to change your “frequency” to a degree where you could “pass through ‘solid’ objects” (which have a specific frequency pattern) might be tricky…at least for us to understand…possible? Sure… Probable we will see something like it in our life time? No way…we need to evolve technologically speaking…and if some group of humans on this planet (or the moon) have this type of technology there is a high chance they don’t fully understand the technology (i.e. recovered from a craft from a race that had been around for millions of years) but they have figured out how to use the technology…which is also most likely why we haven’t heard about it that much…because it can’t be replicated…only used.

Anyway…interesting stuff…


Very interesting stuff indeed, thanks for your input.

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