WARNING: The Most Disturbing And Real Dark Web Sites & Videos

Ever wondered about dark web videos and websites? Watch this to learn more.

The internet was not created for what most people use it for. Now the internet is used for typical animal behavior but it was subconsciously created by us is mankind’s attempt to unite the world into one mind.

The telephone lines and cable that transmit the internet are like giant nerves in a giant brain the people online are like neurons firing. The internet will make it possible to spread the truth and transform mankind and the world into the paradise it could be, should be and will be when enough people.


…the outsiders from this world,knows how terrible the Humans can be,no totally resoect for eachother or their surroundings,that for they do not trust humanety…in every way.

The will never aloud to touch their ‘childeren’ by the hands of Humans… while they here.

Humans are in diff forms of behaivier, butt they are not and for long time ever ready ,for trust or giving their tru knowlidge.

Only the ones who come here for other reasons ,making deals with your gov,just giving stick and stones as chainge for what they wanted… be carefull to trust your own kind…