Warp Drive Patent -- For the Space Nuts

Was in one of my news feeds this morning. Not big on space sheez myself, cuz I realize I’ll probably be almost dead before we have the tech to safely leave the solar system, but for the rest of ya’s, Enjoy:

Analysis: The New 2020 Warp Drive Patent

In April of 2020, two engineers from Chicago, Jessica Gallanis and Eytan Halm Suchard published a patent application for a drive using the updated Harold White designs. A device aptly named the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive. Barely a month into the COVID 19 shutdown, the patent’s publication seemed to sneak under the radar, with a lone report by Read Multiplex in December of 2020 (one that sits behind a paywall).

In the summary portion of the patent, Gallanis and Suchard explain how “the invention uses two Alcubierre gravitational walls to achieve a warp drive effect as means of propulsion while surrounding or enclosing a cavity or space where passengers can travel.”

Alcubierre - White Warp Drive Machine

United States Patent Application 20200130870

What is claimed is:

  1. A machine that is designed to change the metric of space-time and to generate an Alcubierre Warp Drive or a Warp Drive bubble, by two types of walls that surround a cavity of space, where one wall, named “Rear Wall”, consists of three layers of polarity +, −, + such that the negatively charged layer, named “Middle Layer” or the Middle Layer of the Rear Wall can have at least the negative of the sum of charge in the other two layers, i.e. +Q, −2Q-Delta, +Q where Q means charge and delta means an additional negative charge or zero.

  2. A machine as in claim 1 where one wall, named “Front Wall”, consists of three layers of polarity −, +, − such that the positively charged layer, named “Middle Layer” or the Middle Layer of the Front Wall can have at least the positive amount of the sum of negative charge in the other two layers, i.e. −Q, +2Q+Delta, −Q where Q means charge and Delta means an additional positive charge or zero.

  3. The machine as described in claim 2 such that the external layers of the front wall and the external layers of the rear wall have an oscillating charge component…

The present application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 62/610,804, filed on Dec. 27, 2017, and incorporated herein by reference.


The present invention relates to the field of propulsion by changing the metric tensor of space-time via manipulation of electric charges and of electric fields. In its more general aspect, the field of the invention does not require the use of electromagnetism. It has three main categories, Alcubierre Warp Drive, Alcubierre Froning Warp Drive and Alcubierre White Warp Drive. The Alcubierre Warp Drive (Alcubierre, M., “The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity,” Class. Quant. Gray. 11, L73-L77 (1994)) requires enormous amount of anti-gravity and of gravity to achieve faster-than-light/superluminal space travel, has other problems and is therefore too theoretical. Froning offers a way to reduce the resistance of space-time to acceleration (H. D. Froning Jr. , “Fast space travel by vacuum zero-point field perturbations”, Mar. 27, 2008, AIP Conference Proceedings 458, 920 (1999); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.57491) . Alcubierre—White is another form of warp drive that softens space-time by rapidly oscillating energy and by using a ring structure of an oscillating mass, e.g. electric fields (see, Warp Field Mechanics 101, Dr. Harold “Sonny” White NASA Johnson Space Center 2101 NASA Parkway, MC EP4 Houston, Tex. 77058 NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)). White’s paper also includes methods to measure the occurrence of warp drive.

Read whole patent application here:


So when there was excitement about the Space-X launch, I commented that it’s just old combustion rocket technology and that “They” allow us to use, and that warp drive has already been developed. :+1:


The Alcubierre drive was also featured a set of books I finished reading last year: Star Carrier series.

Just think if we could develop this. We could leave this solar system and start proper colonisation. The Alcubierre drive postulated a speed of around 1.2 lightyears per-day (24 hour cycle). It also, theoretically, cancels time dilation, as the craft doesn’t actually leave its point of origin - in theory.

This has always been a dream of mine. I would love to see it happen in my life time.


We are chasing our tails when the tech is there and kept out of public eye… 2 realities… one for folk and one for chosen ones… Pathetic

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I’m waiting for the Stargate bro. So much easier…

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The first one is funny.

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I was looking for my space nuts

Had to take a pass on a few.

The bottom was what I was searching for
The top was just a gratuitous giggle


a patent doesnt mean the thing is real or works , bit like the hoverboard patent .

WRONG! , germany for this point has RULES
one of them is that the thing must be real , and already must be there a WORKING Prototype

If there no Prototype they denied the patent , and i know that i see a Partnership document above a german hyperdrive before few years

so its clear whats going on

Nasa stole my geology project that earned a big fat A PLUS, from the teacher’s office at my old community college. Nasa recruits interns from that college. Mine was the only final project to go missing… i spent DAYS researching and putting it together. I was so proud of my presentation. “Meteor Impact on the Planet Earth”. I went to all kinds of libraries, i went to Nasa’s own website even, and there I found and printed for my project, the scheduled impact date for the next big meteor. They claimed on their website in 2003 that a huge texas sized asteroid would hit planet earth in 2028. I printed it off, and that concluded my presentation. I turned my final project in on a friday. On monday my teacher was apologizing. Mine went missing from the teacher’s locked office in the science dept. The only other people in the room who had access, was Nasa Recruiters. They just use students for information, and give us bare minimum to navigate through life. I got NO FAITH in Nasa or Space X. Liars. Thieves. CON MEN.

1 thing i noticed., was this paragraph,
http://prntscr.com/10er5kl ,
It is almost identical to Star Trek warp mechanics., in that they create a warp bubble
around the ship., almost like earths magnetic field when you see the diagrams…
warp bubble 1 Earth magnetic field

So is a warp bubble essentially a magnetic field? The bubble reduces the ships mass to 0
also i assume??
I plan to read more and if anyone is interested,
check this site out…,

https://www.limitlessspace.org/ :vulcan_salute:

sorry but theres tens of thousands of patents that neither exist or work and sorry but thats a FACTOID.

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