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In 2016, a video of an alleged human sacrifice went viral. The video is fake, but whoever created it wants you to think it’s real. A human sacrifice is shocking enough, but the fact that it took place at CERN, and that the ritual was apparently performed by CERN employees, made the incident fodder for conspiracy theorists. This documentary is an odyssey through the strange world of science, black magic, and End Times prophecy.

This documentary goes far beyond the strange ritual at CERN. While the belief that CERN may be opening a portal to Hell is unfounded, there were scientists interested in bringing about the reign of the antichrist. Take, for example, pioneering rocket scientist Jack Parsons. Parsons was a follower of Aleister Crowley, who was the founder of Thelema, and possibly the most famous occultist of the 20th century. Crowley believed that mankind had entered the “Aeon of Horus,” and that a new religion, in which the spiritual is made one with the material, would rise to replace Christianity.

The Tower of Babel has often been read as a warning about defying the divine order. This documentary dives into ancient readings of Genesis, and discusses the Nephilim, the punishment God inflicted on the builders, and its parallels today – most notably in the development of human-animal hybrids, and in transhumanist thought.


I do not share anything in this video and would not reccomend it

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You don’t share anything in it? I’m not sure what you mean. I’d be interested to start a discussion – I researched this one pretty carefully, but would be open to any disagreement.

Everything is skewed from reality
It is a well meaning missunderstanding of the forces at hand
Or deception

I cannot tell , I must not approve.

If it is your personal vid I’d be happy to open a dialogue why I disagree. That much I owe you as I cannot call the videographer a decieved or fraud. I can speak to why I think the content is skewed and rambling down the wong set of tracks
There are still one or two points I agree with

It is indeed my video. I’d be happy to hear your take.

I shall do as I promised when I get back from going into phelan ( town ) for propane.
I’m under a gun to get ready for surgery .

No worries at all – just get to it when you’re able. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Aleister’s view of religion is pedantic

Pedantic is an insulting word used to describe someone who annoys others by correcting small errors, caring too much about minor details, or emphasizing their own expertise especially in some narrow or boring subject matter.

Aleister’s view is insulting of normative religion , rather then humble of the creator ,Aleisters’s view is extrapolative and scientific, mechanical. and formulaitive.

I don’t know it was a fake sacrifice at the statue of Shiva. I personally lean 60/40 it was real-------- do you know about jack parson/l ron hubbard babylon working/ sacrifice, do you know that sacrifice, blood /death sacrifice is the most powerful witchcraft there is BAR NONE.

So in any instance of a parenthetically " staged sacrifice" it takes alot for me to determined that it is in fact acting, to act it out must be proven an act; acting it out makes you guilty until proven innocent. the problem here is the veracity of the testimony of anyone at cern/cero as every thing about cern is honestly suspect to a student of occultism,

more in morning


First of all, thank you for your thoughtful reply. I’m eager to hear more of your thoughts, but I’d also urge you to watch the whole documentary. There is, in fact, a whole chapter dedicated to Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and The Babalon Working. I have a graduate degree in religion, and I go very deeply into transhumanism, ritual magic, modern science and psychology, and the intersection between them.

I’m also a Christian – I’m a practicing Catholic. My perspective in this video, though, should be one that Christians of whatever denomination welcome. I go into ancient Christian writers like Justin Martyr, Eusebius, and Andrew of Caesarea, and show how some of the modern conspiracy theories about CERN have ancient – and chilling – roots. While I don’t believe that the sacrifice is real, I do think that there are very legitimate questions to ask about modern science.

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According to aleister crowley and historical fact, its also most powerful when they sacrifice pre pubescent male children and scare the hell out of them in the process too.

Hmmm, ring any bells lately, great points brother.? :pray: :+1:

@TheLastSitcom quote from ppost above etc------>

“I do think that there are very legitimate questions to ask about modern science.”

Thanks for expressing the truth and having excellent perception of this modern technofascist scientific dictatorship we now live in.

You will find I catigorize catholic’s as a seperate religon from christianity, it had to start out as a christian faith . But I classify it as the church+the roman empire that uproots three city-states and fullfills daniels little horn.
Up rooting the aryian nations Ostigoths Herulii and Vandalla.

I hold aryian teachings and historical protestant teachings. I was born a historical mormon/ mason family.

I hold no degree but I have studied religon since a young age, at 17 I crossed the mormon evangelical barrier, fundamental baptist, Pentacostal, independant evangelical and mainstream evangelical. Out side of mormons I classify all churches as presuedo catholics if they have a trinitarian dogma and hold Sunday worship.

Well, I think I see your perspective here – I’ve studied Mormonism in some detail, and even took coursework on it in my graduate program. What I was saying, though, is that the whole documentary might be worth a watch. You’ll see that I go into Crowley, Parsons, and the Babalon Working quite extensively. And the whole documentary is really centered in Christianity. So I think we may have some common ground there.

Thank you so much for your comment! I’m wondering about the sacrifice of children that you mentioned. I researched Crowley quite a bit, and never found anything about the sacrifice of children. As far as I can tell, he saw transgressive sexual acts (accompanied, of course, by ritual) as keys to magical power, but I’ve never seen him mention anything about human sacrifice. I would be grateful if you could point me to something from his writing that indicates this.

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so we have a couple facts that are relevant

it was Cern employee’s and they performed a “Mock” sacrifice.

raises two question above facts , was it real instead of being fake
we will raster my fundamental ratio for mock sacrifices 60/40 real /fake

And why in front of Shiva, the origin of the kabbalah and Celtic religions that got Northren Ten tribes of Israel divorced and expelled by God.
this ratchets our ratio upward by another 5%
We have covered on Disclose the Hindu/ Buddhist, body stealing and God making, spiritual control of one living person by another living person (human human possession) human displacement ( which feeds into the bAEblyon working. as a means to vector a innocent spiritual being from body where it is safe to consume by a spiritual being ostersized from the assemblies of God called Elohim, These angelic beings are something like plants in that they feed off Gods Shekina Glory for nourishment.

In our ufo disclosure camp we have Aliens who die in care of USA but they could not
feed the alien , and he dies without a rescue party. what was unknown to military is that the "Aliens " dont have the ability to make Shekina glory of God, and they are just running out, and dying. thats why increasing the percentage of probability up 5 percent is a lowball, a source of this Shekina is a Human Soul. in the five books of Simon Magus he kills a ten year old innocent boy to protect him from Saint peter ( Simon bar Jonah ). As our Apostle would beat simon magus every time he was seen.
Simon Magus went on to become Cesar/Emperor Nero’s chief Religious man, and it is he that is burried in Rome ( Simon bar Jonah was found with Mary Martha and Lazarus in 1948 by two Italian Jesuit scholars who wrote a peer reviews book in Latin that I could not buy

all that said to point you to the importance of sacrifice as a necessary to feed fallen angels to keep their physical bodies, it is why we hear so much about this and why so many children and adults are missing, there are literally vampires but humans cannot become vampires like the legends, humans don’t feed on the spirit of God and when they do bad things happen.

in all cases of Christianity we feed of the spirit of God tempered for us baby’s by the sacrifice of Jesus in bread and wine ( note to my friend moocowman), that and being baptized to receive the HolySpirit unmixed and full strength is the whole purpose of the secret of regeneration.

Simon Magus wanted to get a source of spiritual power to feed his pet demons who gave him back wonderful power on earth, and Simon Magus succeeded in gaining that power by getting Nero to sacrifice Christians by tens of thousands.

when you look at a Obelisk you are not seeing a Phallic symbiology that is what is told esoterically, exoterically it is the Dagar to pierce the heart and extract the light /spirit energy.

it is alot to look at when you see a mock sacrifice and if you know that the Vatican is broke , how can they be broke they literally rule the world, it was a call to sacrifice for the health of the pontiff not Bergoglio, but Ratzinger the actual child of the linage of Simon magus. I know you will find that part offensive but first wait and look for the response by others on this board we don’t hate catholic Christians but we do say the papacy is not what it seems nor the priests.

Ratzinger is the 6 of seven popes elected since the restoration of the vatican land to the Roman Catholic Empire (not church). that land was taken by napoleon, who was funded by Jesuits, the templars happened at same time, Pope Clement XIII

Clement XIV (reigned 1769–74), whose election was urged by anti-Jesuit forces—issued a brief, Dominus ac redemptor (“Lord and Redeemer”), which suppressed the Society for the good of the church. Frederick II of Prussia and Empress Catherine II of Russia—one of them Protestant and the other Eastern Orthodox—were the only monarchs who refused to promulgate the brief. In these lands and elsewhere the Society of Jesus maintained a shadow existence until 1814, when Pope Pius VII (reigned 1800–23) restored it to full legal validity.

but there is good reason to believe the jesuits were expelled by papal bull

non of this could have happened without a fallen angel orchestrating the whole of it
and then rescinding a papal bull a un rescindable order, making Jesuits beloved again. reducing a papal bull to a Nunc Pro Tem.

we are in a world at the end of time where forces to control the whole earth are forging the single goverment of whole earth that is to be controlled by the pope at jerusalem.

the bible says there are seven last kings of earth, elected since the restoration at the Lateran council, count them 1-2-3-4-5 john paul II dead 6 ratzinger ,one is but is not
7 bergollio who must remain a short time, and the 8 is of the 7 and in to perdition he must Go…Ratzinger is in the wings.
but his soul is empty of spirit his life ebbing, a call is put out to refill the bank the bank of spirit, he is exhausted.

He has been trying to open the Gate to the abyssal. I believe the covid and immunization is a part of that bank account of souls and the spirits within.

these operators at cern were evoking the spirit of destruction to feed a process of spiritual power to release more spiritual power . and more death and more spiritual power to establish the papacy in Jerusalem in temple and rule the earth . they need a massive death count to have enough spiritual power to open the gate.

the bible says Satan brings that power with him in the received texts. if ratzinger is from that blood line we will see him youthful and vibrant, and the judgements will come to fruition in revelations.

all hinging on a sacrifice to the destroyer Abaddon / Apollo / Shiva ,locked up under the Cern site
A hole is about to be opened in the ground , with the electromagnetic forces of five gravities, that’s what cern uses to smash atoms they create a well of gravity and toroidally spin those forces creating a gravity tornado.

when you boil this insanity into a single sheet of ideas the possibility that this was a stagged sacrifice diminishes to 0.01

when you understand that sacrifices are meant to invest spiritual energy in inanimate objects to make them a god, we have studied this listening to Sadguru
we on disclose are comfortably sure that it was a real sacrifice and not the only one
there were most likely many many, they feed a Fallen one, maybe THE fallen one
who opens the abyssal


im watching, and commenting on the segments
with more than can be digested

So, while I think I’d take strong objection to some of the points you made, I’m very open to the discussion, and very much appreciate your taking the time to write this message.

I am, I must admit, a great admirer or Benedict XVI, but that’s because I’ve read his work and find him to be a theologian of uncommon brilliance.

What I’d like to ask, though, is some documentation for the things you’re asserting. Let’s look, for example, at your claim about Simon Magus:

The assertion that Simon Magus was the chief religious man to Nero is one I’ve never heard before. Are you referring to the Acts of Peter? I’d like to see your sources to understand where you’re coming from for a lot of this. Any reliable documentation would help illuminate your perspective for me.

Same thing with the popes. I am actually a convert to Roman Catholicism, after a long time in the world of the occult. I find Roman Catholicism to be the most biblically grounded of all Christian faiths.

The issue of “body stealing” is, again, something I’ve never heard of. I’m no expert on eastern religion, but I would like to see some sources – preferably from these traditions themselves – that support these claims.

I’m trying to proceed in good faith here. While, again, I do strongly disagree with your points, I really would like to know where you’re coming from.

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I refer to the works of Simon Magus I had a electronic copy back when the internet was open the occultist had 20,000 or so occult and Gnostic books flood net and i was like a man scrambling to pick up dollar bills in a wind storm, I recall I got to read one page and holy spirit said get rid of it.

I have a Savant style intellect and that would have led me down a bad path

Of course you take Strong objection to my view of papacy, i felt you were a scholar and up to that level of Dialogue, and Im happy to say you are what you say you are.

I Too admire the brilliance of Ratzinger but I have the bible on the other hand pointing to him. these ideas are not exclusive. just painful

I have read acts of peter the revelation of Paul and many antinicean writings at and Medival archive at Fordham U… i’m no expert .

Im trying to put a finger on simon magus and Nero, im more a fish that swims in a stream of information than a bone collector. all i have right this second is a dim feeling i fully trusted source, Gnostic historian or a Masonic one.
…there was carved stone, with inscriptions
simon wiki is suprizingly schollary

I think it was that gnostic account of john the baptist being part of the moon cult and that after his death Simon magus took over, a cult of 30 men and one woman

More reading

Simon the Magician!!, ahhhh haha i found it dr E.L Martins site

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First of all, I really appreciate your reply and clarification here. Here’s what I’d say, and I’d be very interested to hear your take on this:

Why trust the historical validity of any Gnostic text? I actually read Coptic in grad school, and read from several Gnostic texts in the original – Apocryphon of John, Gospel of Thomas, On the Origin of the World, etc. I’ve forgotten the ancient language, but I do have a fair command of Gnostic ideas. Gnostic theology is radically opposed to the God of the book of Daniel, no? They believe that the ancient Hebrew deity YHWH is not the real God, but a false pretender who fashioned the material universe, etc. Gnosticism, and its scriptures, were condemned in the earliest centuries of the Church.

In terms of what the Bible says about Ratzinger – I think I’d have to disagree there as well. By the time the Bible was canonized, it was canonized by Catholics, who had a pope. And Christ said Peter, the first pope, was the “rock” upon which He would build his church. I understand that there are differing interpretations of this scripture, but I do hope you can see that Catholics draw their belief in the authority of the pope in part from the Bible, and in part from the tradition that, with the influence of the Holy Spirit, was responsible for putting the Bible together.

I guess my big question is how one can trust Gnostic texts and something like the Book of Daniel at the same time – after all, it seems that Gnostics would believe that Daniel’s prophecy, if it’s from YHWH, was in fact false, since they don’t believe that YHWH is the true God.

no person or text is beyond being helpful to the Quest of Knowledge
a Kabbalistic Jew decrying Jesus as a bastard son of a roman solider does this.
it proves Jesus was real and a issue to the the community of mystery religion.

As a mental exercise if documents were kept out of the bible where would you find them? among the anti Nicene writings? , china? africa, Ibera?(spain).

To me assaying Gnostic writings is in search of miss classified Christian doctrines and teachings. trying to get a conformation of my faith in the text of textus receptus
I have found among the Alexandrian mystery schools where the vulgate 407 was formed there were documents that intrigue me as doctrinally Christian.

you have to do a deep comparison with the bible we have and the panoply of the doctrines it has, be willing to dismiss it like i dismissed the document of the revelation of paul.

how the book of daniel became codified into the TaNaKh ( old testament ) is a guide to search for meaningful books like one of the books called the book of enoch and disreguard another with a version of hell that mirrors the torment of purgitory and the lake of fire for humans at the hands of demons, we know in the bible there is no ruler in hell, no abaddon nolucifer satan, they are chained down. a ruler cannot rule chained down, so our logic and our knowledge of history are paramount but the Holy spirit Trumps, and so we ambulate thru these texts , one after another without end scan sort save, or toss, move on to next

Can anyone say Adrenochrome ?

Samey Samey

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