Watch "Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions"


Yep if its on YouTube it must be true.


that charls lawson is a prophet im telling you a union of man and God speaking

We may be about to enter very very unbelievably strange times, beyond any of our imaginations,
if whats prophecised in Revelations and Daniel are coming true, and lets face it, so far we are seeing so much prophecy coming true its impossible to deny for those who know,
then nothing would surprise me that the elites and there scientific overlords are in fact tapping into other dimensions to access the “old ones” or the demons/fallen angelics of antiquity,
people should watch the vid before they believe or not anyways,
at least have a listen to Chuck Missler, he is a highly educated person thats for sure.

If what the bibles prophecys for the end times are real and true, then we are in for a hell of a time on earth soon enough yep.
Thats why i ask you all and myself to stay strong see?
We are going to need to be whether we die or live.
I only want the best for everyone always, but thats just me.


Christians or not if You got a mind then you have to have noticed something’s out of whack on this. planet…why else would we spend so much money studying the stars and outer space , when we know more about mars than we do 70% of our planet…we only mapped or studied 5% ofthe ocean… Our leaders and rich know somethings coming and they want off planet…why else would you study and spend so much on space …instead of cleaning up our planet now we have the technology to do it and we also have the money??? Its like rat from sinking ship but we are just below deck. We have all be proven or told our governments are corrupt everywhere but no one knows what to do…please think about things and how bad they really are…i hope wecan help each other.


More doom porn preached by an ignoramus to the gullable from the pulpits.

If this guy slagging off Stephen Hawking hand only 5% of Hawkings’ intellect he may well come to the realization that a man cannot live in the belly of a fish, nor can a donkey talk.

What I find really scary in 2021 is, willfully ignorant, paranoid leaches that preach to the lazy of mind or desperate and fearful often have access to the minds of the worlds children.

I would bet everything I own that this preacher ( with a lower case P ) has not even read the cover of the Hawkins’ book and probably not a whole bible.

If your going to rant and rave about demons and such, do what the physicists are tryng to do with experimentation . Explain their properties and demonstrate they actually
exist outside of the minds of hyperimaginative.

This funking religious chicken licken paranoia has to stop for the sake of the worlds children , it is a cancer upon earth and the intellectual growth of humanity.


The elites are not going to get off planet dont worry KC,
even there d.u.m.b bunkers are not going to save them hehe.

The bible and God & JC will have the last word, the last of the wise here on earth know this right now,
but sadly so many dont.
Oh well, we tried to lead them to the water of eternal life, did our best i believe.

Thats all we can do.
Everyone left is in for a hell of a ride, literally my friend,
it is going to get so much worse then this, we are merely in the birth pangs right now i believe,
oh well if the utterly blinded hateful brainwashed fools wont listen to sound doctrine and truth, then focus on our own salvation where possible.

Theres no future for humanity except the remnant, but by the time any left realises this only the faithful in him will be saved anyways.
Good luck and take care brother, you have the armour of God at least my friend,
so many dont…
They are just too blinded by technofascist scientific dictatorship instead of pennance and worship of our father and son for salvation hehe.
they will hate you for you faith too, because dep down inside they resent you because you are not like them,
and you have a pathway youve earned in life that they were too ignorant and lazy to bother even investigating whilst they do nothing but criticise what they cant have and are too weak and bitter resntful and hateful to even try to understand in life.

There next step will be persecution in the name of not persecuting people just because the truly faithful chose to understand and work hard for there salvation of there spirit, they will resent this and attack it soon already are we can see,
believeing they are doing good by doing evil that is.

Thems is the breaks in this life brother. hehe.
This is the time of great deception and its alreadey showing big time hehe.

Trust that our father knows who the real cancer upon this earth is, and he will sort it out when hes ready, not when the luciferians think they are going to,
and he has everyone snumbers all ready to go in the book of life.
Dont sweat the attacks its part of the process and was foretold ages ago so we already know and understand, we dont need to even buy into it now.

We rise above together as the do what thou wilt earn there reward in the swirling fires of hell for eternity brother, sadly so too really, but, it is what it is…

Thanks for the vid it was really good and eye opening for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.
Good one. :pray: :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:


You sound desperate and fearful mooman.

Never forget,to Rule the Society one must misinformed on many ways their knowledge from the truth .

A truth covered with many yelling misinformed lies…makes the Sociaty run like 1000 mouses in a cilinder box,against eachothers…ad the end attacking eachother…

While those who put you there are watching from above…pointing at all of You.


And so few of us are going to make it.

I didn’t hear anyone slagging Hawkins off, unless you think calling someone an atheist is an insult.

Having reviewed what I wrote in relation to that specific comment I stand corrected.

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Rather presumptious of you, what exactly do you presuppose I am fearful of ?

The truth, I told you demons exist and you just passed me off as an idiot, I don’t lie and I don’t spout maybe’s or what if’s as the truth.

Your a frustrating fellow mooman.

No, I didn’t pass you off as an idiot, you don’t provide good evidence for your claim.

It would be useful if you could clearly explain what a demon actually is what are its’ attributes where does it live what is it made of etc.

Not much to ask and no different to asking someone who’s claimed to have interracted with ghost to justify the extraordianry claim with equal extraordinary evidence.

if I’m not fearful of claims ghosts, fairies shadowpeople etc, why on earth should I be afraid anecdotes of demons.

An anecdote + An anecdote does not = Evidence

An evil spirt that resides in Hell, have you never come across any explanation of what a demon is …really mooman, or are you just being pedantic ?

Wow! I’m glad to see people are still posting about this. I’m interested to watch this video. The CERN ritual does seem like a hoax, but I think what’s most unnerving is CERN’s apology – they openly admit that folks who work there were involved. They don’t name anyone, but say that “those identified were involved and the appropriate measures taken.” Weird stuff indeed. I actually recently made a documentary about this, which you might enjoy. I’ve posted it in the “Science” section on Disclose.

No, I’m led to believe there are over 30000 differnt xtian denominations each so consistancy in explanations is fraught with difficulty.

So, let’s begin whith you explaining what exactly a spirit is please so I can fully undestand what you are talking about and get to grips with definitions of terms, then you can provide the evidence .

Lol your reply should have been “yes Smigg I’m being pedantic”
I dare you to tell me what happened in your life that has made you so fearful and desperate as to blindly behave as you do, but I’m guessing your too far gone.
Death will be your wakeup call mooman I’m afraid.