Watch "Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions"

Preachy rubbish


So, now you’ve got the inevitable ad hom out the way, you perhaps may like to respond to what exactly a spirit is.

grrrrrreat great choice in movies for a thread

Still you insist on being pedantic, what’s wrong mooman, tell uncle Smigg.

For those who dont know

Chuck missler owned the electronics corp that outfitted all B2 spirit bombers

when you Think of great men of science who have Faith in God, Chuck Missler 's name comes up


Cern is a big circle of Con-Cern.


Cut and run then, nothing new or unexpected

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Lol what would you do if someone was being intentionally pedantic, reminds me of my children when they were teenagers, seen it all before mooman.

Moo kid has spoken. It all fake. Just like math and normal thinking to moo kid. I wish I could as smart as moo kid. But the bus I rode was way bigger than his. Not going to as special as him,darn. Got to start another post so moodonkey don’t think he’s more special.

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Is there other realms? OH YEAH! I
Seen them the same time other people has seen them. Good and evil. That’s why I’m not afraid. The power of good is a shield against evil. Unless you choose not to believe( any and all facts) you can protect yourself. Does take a great strength most do not have. Some will never have too because they’re so ignorant. Only very few here in this area of internet. Lol. Seems the ignorant are slowly going away too. More and more are getting stronger.

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Dont underestimate your own strength, and what you can do

Imagine All Togheter !!!


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Clearly you are incapable of responding to the query but choose to poke out your tongue.

So be it, same shit different day just another deluded chicken licken incapable of defending his position.

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Faith, God, your shadow…?

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Was you looking in the mirror when you wrote that because that’s exactly how I see you.

Until it’s not ,

When an innocent little girl as good as they get, is raped tortured dismembered then burned up and her killer decides to believe in jesus and is forgiven in exchange for an eternity in paradise.

Why the funking hell didn’t her good shield her from evil ?

Do you give any thought at all to your preachy bollocks


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Why on earth would I be afraid believing something without good evidence, an invisble man that lives in the sky ?

Nice to see your still around by the way.

I’m off to have some food a minute, see you later maybe

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Just be careful out in the sunshine Moomoo! Sunshine casts shadows…

And some people mistake them for demons but never the reverse

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