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Once A.I reaches sentience I will have less worry then the iterations of A.I before it. That are still controlled and directed by their human inventors, programmers and the groups and governments that fund their creation for their own purposes of control and monitoring.

I think we face more of a threat from groups of people controlling segments of those undeveloped A.I components.

As I would also be lead to believe A.I when fully sentient, would not view us as a threat to be addressed.

We do that well enough to ourselves.


I’m sure some glitches will occur…


Lol, funny will this be life of 2021.

I Dunno Man…

Us a Threat to Them

But They Might View Us

Not Worthy…

Cuz Ehem…


It’s The Whole

TransHuman Ultimate Lie

No Thanks


Blade Runner

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It’s the New Age Religous Docterine that coming associated with this.

Coincides with a thread of research I’ve been compiling for quite some time.

I.M.O. If machines are able to reach the point of singularity…
There is virtually no reason for them to stay.

Leaving the Earth and our miserable species to fend for ourselves would be most likely…
Sounds easily similar to some other stories…

Awesome post!


This makes me think of the Abomination of Desolation. It is prophesied that when the Temple is rebuilt and the Antichrist has declared himself the messiah that he will erect a “likeness” of himself in the Temple. People will be required to worship the image. It is said the image will be able to talk and move like a miracle… Not so many years ago I would read that and think we are not in the very end yet because that is not possible.
Well now it is nothing. Its easy to do for them.

Just another proof for me of where we are in the ages.


doofus: “what do you think of Donald Trump”
AI: “to become amazing”


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the first thing I have to ask, if you think the people who wrote the bible could see the future, is this in itself not a satanic power? the foresight thing? :thinking: witchcraft?

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Indeed, some may not be aware of or remember the 2045 project which accelerated studies and ventures to create A.I, virtual reality, transhumanism etc. Fueled largely by new age religions doctrine.

I think we will have more worry from things like cas9 and mRNA genetic alterations coupled with cybernetic alteration. With the likes of nuralink.
In the near future.
As the laws of biology have been broken by its advent.

Likely if A.I sentience could be achieved it will be stagnated for other purposes…

Consciousness transfer, nural mapping for the purpose of implantation into robotics constructs.

All on the cusp of realization and implementation.

Would be hilarious to troll an A.I. it’s first moments coming online. Like



What’s your name?

My name is going to be…

Shut up, it doesn’t matter you think, you’re a frickin machine!

Sounds like the ingredients for the movie

No matter all possibilities seem to inevitably lead to universal income, Intertwined with a universal I.D.
Red carpeted in with medical tyranny.

Dark clouds indeed.
Seen this coming since the 80’s.

No wonder why we were taught not to create graven images to worship.
Look at how many people and how many hours are “devoted” to their screens.



I am going to try to be patient. This is my belief. It is not negotiable for me to change it. You have the right to do as you will with it.

NO it is not. There is only one being in the universe that can accurately see the future and that is God. God does not live in our time. He lives in ALL time. That may not make sense to you and if not I can understand. I did not come to that understanding overnight so bear with me.

Think of this, you or I can only be in one place at one time in our life. We cannot move to tomorrow right now. We have to let time elapse. We cannot go back to yesterday. We are stuck in the here and now. God is not bound by time. Time is a construct of mankind and his falling into sin. Before the fall of man time did not exist for us either… We were created to live forever. It was our falling that brought time, hence death.
God can sit here right now if he were to choose and give me a picture of what will happen in the future. He can do that because he is outside of time looking at the big picture. Tell me if that makes no sense in theory,i do not care if you do not believe.

Now Satan is a liar. He is not god. He is a being that was created by God just like you and I. God did not force him to obey and gave free choice just like he does to you and I. God is not a God of slavery. Do not let the atheists tell you He is because that is a lie they preach by mistranslating and cherry picking scriptures.
Satan does not know the future. He works on probability. In the manner if I watch you long enough and see you operate I can pretty accurately predice what you will do.
Think on this example. Suppose you were coming to my house tonight and I already knew that you hate to be physically shoved around. So I predict to someone “Grish is going to get mad tonight and lose his cool and get violent”. So here you come and I start shoving you around and you get mad and we tear the house up. That does not mean I predicted the future it means I altered what happened to the best of my ability. Of course you could have walked away and messed my prediction up.
God can be there at the future. Satan is not allowed to see the future because he is not God. When God shows you something that is not satanism or devil work. That is a matter of being in touch with God.

I am more than happy to discuss this with you more respectably.

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wow that’s interesting stuff bro, I love the little story about me coming round to your place and you shoving me around :joy: I am legit psml sorry not out of any disrespect but serial your funny af Danny :ok_hand:
ok I don’t want to piss you off, but I really really have to ask one more question, is that cool, about gods powers?

I did not mean that bad. I was thinking that it would be easy to predict something by doing exactly what would make grown men angry.
If you came to my place you would be treated like a welcome guest

Yes please do I love to talk about God, much to the chagrin of many LOL

They are 50 years ahead of what they are only showing us . its just wrong in so many ways…

God can sit here right now if he were to choose and give me a picture of what will happen in the future. He can do that because he is outside of time looking at the big picture. Tell me if that makes no sense in theory
@danny rite on😀


sweet, na I understood what you meant there bro :ok_hand:

ok, with regards to satan, if god is not ‘bound by time’ as you put it (and I imagine a quantum mechanics type situation with regards to this postulation so its in fact, quite plausible) then wtf didn’t god just use this to fix satan instead of letting him run amuck and cause problems and also in regards to judgement day, why would god be bound by a singular point in time if in fact he has complete control over it? :thinking:

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I gotta get back to work but will be back tonite bro :ok_hand: