Watch what happened when a world renowned, celebrated Detective decided he was going to prove that Jesus never existed

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Yet another pile of horseshit from from a format plagerist youtuber using DTV as his personal clickbait soapbox.

Be away with you fraud, I for one won’t be lining your pockets by watching yet more of your drivel.

You didn’t even have the courtesy to join the discussion after posting your last pile of rubbish.


You are as easily drawn out as pus from a festering wound…lol You’re a pimple on the ass of humanity.

You see, here’s the problem. By your opening statement, “Yet another pile of horseshit…” you make it blatantly obvious you don’t wish to discuss; your only goal is to disgust… and little man, while I have no problem providing you the opportunity to blatantly expose yourself, I will not continue to give you a ‘squeeze’ and allow your infection to spread.


I agree with Moocowman. Absolute tripe.
Find me one passage in ancient scripture from the period that mentions the word “jesus”.
He didn’t exist because he hadn’t been invented by the various writers of more modern bibles during the time he was supposed to have lived.


Clickbait and, horseshit


Appreciate the video. I enjoyed it. Yahshua has manifest Himself, His Spirit to me so many times in my life, and His Words are a precious treasure that I hide in my heart. Paul’s statement that we smell like death to those that are perishing, amd life to those who are being redeemed, becomes ever increasingly more evident in my life.

For all of you who spend your time ranting about how “Jesus did not exist,” you might pick up a Bible and actually read it,. Outloud. Yes.


What a judgemental Bastard!

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Who ? The invisible man in the sky or me ?

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Hey! Welcome. What a wonderful first post! Thank you for the quick identification! lol

At least the invisible “Man of God~Son of God” doesn’t have time for worthless heathen infidels like You to waste his time on!
Just go on your worthless trek in your narrow minded ways of life!
Your mature to set your own destination in this GOD forsaken world!
Have a nice journey in this life you call Godless!

***You don’t speak for me or Billions of Us Who Love Our Savior and Loving Father of all Creation!
“You stay on Your side of Hell and we’ll be Watching All You in Damn Nation burn from Your deeds from Our Side of Paradise!”

Show me proof from a bona fide historical document that a white European man was born to a virgin and given a Spanish name about 1500 years before the Reconquistas brought Christianity to the region when they drove out the Moors who had invaded in 711 and about 400 years before the Visigoths inhabited the area speaking an eastern Germanlc dialect. Prior to that, the Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians before the Romans. None of which spoke anything even remotely resembling Spanish.
So why don’t you pick up some real history books and learn some facts, instead of selling cultural religious mumbo jumbo as historic fact because “muhhh huullyy buuk”


If you don’t understand Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek then Your not reading the King James Version of the Bible.

That’s where all Heathens and Atheist get lost listening to the sons of Cains version of Satan’s version of the Bible.

Since Cain is Satan’s Son! You’re a follower who hates and despite that God and Our Lord Jesus Christ exist!
*not past tense “existed” but “EXIST”…

If You don’t like something don’t Buy it, move on, change the station, go to another store or State or Country until your In your Rainbow Unicorn World!

Leave US Christians Alone!

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If this world is so godforsaken and your true loverboy is in a wonderful paradise -
Why don’t you just kill yourself and join the one you love in the better place ?

Put your money where your mouth is and prove that you truly believe what you speak.
According to you lot, you are certain that the end is here because of what you see around you.

So why hang about any longer Larry?
Go give your shit to the poor and find a nice painless way to kill yourself, seconds later you’ll be all snug in the arms of the man you love more than “anything”.

Give us a time for when you’ll do it so the rest of us deplorables can see you off with a bottle of bud and good cheer.

BuuuuuuT you’ll either now go silent, kickedshins then run, or comeback with a tirade of abuses and excuses for why you won’t actually take that final step and end your life to be with jesus.


Killing yourself is a Mortal Sin… But infidels like You would know That.

You waste Your time trying to convince Me and others in your Pinhead belief.

Get Behind Me Satan!

The sound of a Poor Lost Sheep You are!:sheep:

And you wonder why no one wishes to "discuss’ with you…

Please, take a moment, sit down and examine what you just told this person… And ask yourself why? Why do you have so much hate for what someone believes? How does it negatively affect you to such a degree that you are so hateful?

Bro, in my heart, you are welcome to believe whatever you wish to believe. You have free choice. And I will fight alongside you to defend that right. But you lose me the moment when you disrespect other’s being able to have the same right.

I don’t hate you. I don’t know you. But the picture you project into my mind is that of a sad, lonely, scared person… who is searching for something to make him feel valuable… like you fit in. Well guess what? Your juvenile outbursts aren’t getting you anywhere! The very people who would accept you gladly, shy away and those you align yourself with… they don’t care about you. Think about it. You align yourself with those who say there is no hope in the future, no need to respect others or their beliefs. So should you ever need someone, from which side do you think help might come?.

I know I wouldn’t be counting on the side that says your life has no value. No meaning.

Love you bro. Seriously, whether you believe it or not. “Don’t like you though.”


No matey the bibles make no mention of suicide being a mortal sin.

This nonsense was made up by the church because they’d oversold heaven, and the sheeple (like you)who were having a miserable life thought suicide the obvious best option.

A bit like the church invented purgatory to get aound the problems of babies dying unbaptised, which also backfired on them.

So now that we’ve got the suicide sin lying bullshittery excuse out of the way , let’s get back to some going to meet the man you love more than anything party.

How about you Flyboy care to die for jesus and sink into the bosom of a bearded blue eyed caucasian male for some loving, instead of catching all that rational from us heathens ???

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Nope, I’ve never wondered that, as a matter of fact I have some superb discussions with many , but they tend to have a greater grasp on reality and sharper mind than the heel kickers.

Yup, I mostly (but not allways) take a moment before I put keyboard.
Indeed, I am perplexed why an indiviual so convince of the veracity of his claims and in such despair with a world with people like me breathing bothers hanging around.

If heaven is so wonderful and the man you love more than anything lives there then why not fuck off there, this is a simple objective criticism of the duplicious rationalizing of someones spreading a cancer on our wonderful (very real) planet.

A bit like your god doesn’t hate homosexuals just what (they happen to be created to do) I don’t hate a person nor beliefs, I do critique beliefs and sometimes harshly.

Why should beliefs command respect my friend ?

Am I to respect all beliefs or some beliefs ?

Do you respect all beliefs ?

If out of courtesy or so as not to hurt the other guys feelings I am to extend respect to his beliefs then the same reasoning should apply to all.

Do you respect the beliefs of the man that believes it’s ok to have sex with children ?
Of course not, you see you pick and choose whos’ beliefs you respect, where as I respect none.

The answer is obviously, don’t hold fast beliefs, have opinions and ideas because they can be changed without damaging the ego or hurting the feelings ,leading to greater benefits for all.

Buuuuut that ain’t going to happen so long as the cancer of religion is still spreading.

Actually there is very little that I can honestly say i’m scared of, and our own individual value is subjective if we choose to put a value own our heads.

And I fit in pretty nicely thank you, in the places I choose to fit in that is , I’ve been having a very good life indeed.

Nope, I think the future is looking pretty fine and certainly never implied to the contrary in relation to my own.

Unlike beliefs the future is not fixed and much like ideas, because it will be built upon ideas wil be molded as we see fit.


And there the discussion with you ends. So be it. Take care dude.

The kjv was rewritten in ye olde english to appease the puritans that kj was trying desperately to impress. It was designed to be read to the illiterate masses, it’s a very dumbed down version that you use as your owners manual.
There’s no evidence it was a literal translation from any historical text in any language. And the voracity of those texts cannot be verified to any degree of certainty.
It’s folklore, nothing more.
If you want to be left alone,
You’ve been duped by the biggest cult of all time. You’re all so indoctrinated, all you can do is react with your stock, dogmatic reply of satanic/luciferian blah blah, yadda yadda. It means nothing to anyone that isn’t brainwashed by men in dresses.
And if truthful, christians are not interested in the message of sacrifice and love of their faith at all.
They’re only interested in themselves and specifically betting that they win a cushy afterlife, with no idea what awaits them.
And that is the truth, but you don’t want to hear that, just fairy tales.


You seem to confuse mortal and immortal common sense from being Programmed since you were born.

I’m not sorry because that is your Destination!

My Father let me run wild and be a teenagers and a young man full of Lust on this Earth having as much fun as the Prodigal Son. . . anyway as I became mature enough to see the Truth that the common human cannot comprehend.

It’s hard to tell people the Truth. . . And that is Because You Don’t Qualify!