We Are Facing All Human Rights Being Stripped


And This …


…and if you do it, so will every other country.

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That Is The AGENDA


It depends on the reasons for martial law, if Biden takes office and declares martial law that would be really really bad, if Trump remains in office and declares martial law you would have to hope it’s for the right reasons. 15000 armed US soldiers in Washington is strange which ever way you look at it.


Guess The Next Scene
It This Echitt Show

Will Start Directly…

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It’s strange that there was a attack on the capitol and that people are still planning attacks?

You guys are pretty naive.

This is a conspiracy site tho so I get it.

To an extent.

Can you point me to the planned attacks you speak of ?

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So how can something that no one can take away, be taken away?

No need for Martial Law; under the Patriot Act of 2001, the President only needs to declare all of the real conspirators as “enemy combatants” and have them shipped off to Gitmo. By the time they figure out how to get their way out of that, most of them will have already died of old age.


I Didn’t Say That…

From The Article…

Take It Up With The Author


What did the democrats do at the capitol in 2018…that the media conveniently forget to mention?

Not trying to justify what happened…but Democrats pretty much initiated it.


They didn’t kill any cops did they?

Did anyone else die?

Did the confederate flag fly in the capitol?

Did they storm it with intent to kill anyone?

So By Your Predictable

Vitriolac Rhetoric…

You Have No Prob

With The Coming

Neo Commie State

You are a disingenuous liar.
You do support violence against Americans
And GFY over your trending new word whataboutism
You support violence.
Want proof?
You voted for the ones bailing out the domestic traitors causing the violence


Hate to dampen the argument but…

Questions 1 & 2

Using a source no liberal can argue with…
5 deaths

1 Police officer dead from “clash with protesters” i.e. prob got head trauma from something thrown or he was hit with I am guessing.
1 Female Protestor Dead from Gunshot to neck from capitol police
1 Fat Male Protestor Died of a Heart Attack
1 Female Protestor Unspecified cause of death but based on her age guessing she fell off the scaffolding
1 Male Protestor Died of Unspecified Cause.

Question 3

Doubtful it flew during Kavanaugh since it was mainly white northern liberals and the pu$$y hat brigade in attendance. I can confirm some jackazz was carrying one though from visual evidence at the capitol.

Question 4

storming anything isn’t at issue in the 2 since the Kavanaugh protestors were arguably 2 physically weak to pull open a locked door which they tried lol. I will postulate though that the majority of protestors at Kavanaugh wished all men in general would just die based on past rhetoric :smiley: the protestors at the capitol i think were more a bunch of LARPer wannabes instead of jack booted thugs tbh imho.

Now having said that I will categorically go on record as against any and all rioting and looting. I wonder if our fellow members will join me from both sides of the debate ?


Let’s not forget David Dorn.
If he had gotten even a quarter of the to do this recent loss of life was getting.
But that was a blm rioter looting a pawn shop who shot him.

That wasn’t politically convenient.


Ditto Dis Amen