We are the same...but different?

Sooo…i picked up on this conversation and maybe you gus can help me in verifying this is true?
Also, some time ago, someone mentioned that the human is closer to a lion?

So really, one question, if we are human but are different in nations and physiology (ie african descent, european, native american, latinos, asian descent, middle eastern, what have you)…Do you think its appropiate to have the ‘same cure’ for everyone?


Interesting indeed. Nice post

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Great post! Once we had these four tables of bones; dolphin, pilot whale, killer whale & cow. We were given the task of re-articulating and identifying. That cow in the mix f’cked us for sure, the pelvis. But yeah, we humans are all different sub-species or species

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In the back of my mind I have always wondered about the whole race thing…are we all the same or is that just part of an agenda that has been forced upon us. I understand that we are all human…but should we be specified as different types of humans…??? I dont know …does anyone catch my drift…or have thought of something similar??

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Well done Assy


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That was a fun read. As for humans and their differences and relationship to each other, we are simply separated by space, time, and genetic concentrations. Same, but different, as you say.


What are the same but different?

A screw

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In the context of lets say “birds” there are many different kinds of birds…but they are all birds just the same…are humans like that? Some humans might be better or worse for certain tasks and possibly until we realize this none of us will be able to fully live up to our full potential. Maybe…I dont know???

One theory was that different alien races took the byproduct of adam and eve. So you have something a litte different than others. And that theory goes along that if we cant get along with groups here, how can we be allowed to be with groups in space?

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Same cure in what sense ?

You know how some diets dont work for everyone, or that peoples tolerences are different than others. Medication is adjusted depending on ones body and all. Some amounts can differ for others. The viles in vaxxes are standard?

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