We Live In Dangerous Times! America Needs Trump!


I posted this Robert Jordan quote in a thread in a Nashville topic the other day and I couldn’t get it out of my mind…

“A crafty enemy will set a weak ambush you are meant to break through. Confident because you have dealt with the threat, your guard relaxed, you walk into the second, stronger ambush .”
Robert Jordan

In it’s present state, the world is whacked, I think we can all agree on that…I think? We all don’t agree on much, but maybe that?

With reference to the Jordan quote above, if the crafty enemy were to be China, the Deep State, NWO, or whoever/whatever. And the weak ambush were to be Covid, election fraud, or whatever. What, if any, could or would the second, stronger ambush be?

In the military, with reference to infantry tactics, you are trained that the best way to survive an ambush is to assault the ambush! You are also trained to be very aware of a secondary ambush!

The second ambush could me a number of things if it came to pass. But what if the second, stronger ambush was a purposely detonated EMP strike on our nation! This would be catastrophic to America!

It has been discussed. It is not an unknown threat. We know our power grid is subject to problems as demonstrated by the Nashville event recently. But can an EMP detonation by enemies of America, foreign or domestic, be defended against?

I read a book awhile back called “One Second After” by William Forstchen. The book was stark and detailed what it might be like or probably would be like after an EMP event, be it caused by a solar flare or a man made nuclear event.







I read that book as well, very good read written by someone who knows his stuff. Plus…he sets up a kill zone against cannibals…needless to say it had me ramp up my prepping a little bit.

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He has some follow up novels to “One Second After” as well, “One Year After” and “The Final Day”.
Have not read those yet, but hope to.

Cool, didn’t know about these, much appreciated. I must have told the entire plot to the wife, she’s going to give me the sh#! When these arrive on the door step.

The whole World needs Trump, everyone except a tiny few who want to be the Lords, Ladies, and ladyboys of a new feudal age. The are not out to get Trump, they are out to get all of us, but Trump is in the way.


Agreed. Hope he can stay in the way!


GIGANTIC problem with the “solar flare” hysteria…just like the covid hysteria…and the thousands of other reasons people are convincing themselves and others to constantly shake in fear and be afraid of their own shadow…

The power grid has backup systems, redundancies, and even without the power grid there are solar panels, generators, and society does not turn into a mass murdering mob as soon as the wifi or power goes out they try to find it somewhere else or… read a book.

without exaggeration it would take a coordinated PLANNED shut down or a nuclear strike to cause most areas to lose power for more than a day or two at worst.

having portable solar panels, power banks and maybe even one of those Testla house batteries would be prudent but keep in mind the first thing that is going to happen when the power has been out for a week is everyone is going to start getting aggressive on getting their devices charged and you will become a target for people that don’t want to pay/trade for it.

On a side note the Democrats clearly want to bankrupt the USA and sell out to the first country that offers them money I agree the world needs Trump but what happens after his second(and final legal) term?

The choices are NOT getting better and the ones that failed in 2016 are still waiting for their turn because EVENTUALLY we will have to “chose” ONE of them…by “voting” for them…assuming the votes are being counted, legitimate, and not tampered with…

God knows that if Joe Bidden gets away with BRAGGING about stealing the election on national television and just how “expansive and inclusive” his election fraud organization is…immediately before he does it I don’t think I will ever trust an election of any kind as having a “snowball’s chance in hell” at being “honest” or “legitimate” in any way…


Can you elaborate on said backup systems? How many solar panels or generators are “hardened“ to protext against EMP? How many people have constructed Faraday Cages to protect against EMP? Only 12 states have partially hardened their power grids!

What do you think an EMP strike is? It would come as a coordinated nuclear strike! And it wouldn’t take an Arsenal to do it. Believe me sir, an EMP strike by an adversary of America would be devastating! If terrorists could fly airliners into buildings 20 years ago, what could they do know? Not to mention a China!

Look where so called society already is! It doesn’t take much anymore at all to ignite some of our society! Can you say supply chain sir? Can you imagine just one city without electric power, for even a week? Can you imagine said city without trucks delivering the items they now deliver on a daily basis? Have you seen our liberal friends go squirrel turd nuts rioting and burning in our cities, or go limp as the doll babies just because of an election?

Unfortunately, our cities, especially the larger liberal cities, would be in immediate turmoil of unknown, yet epic proportions! Subways down. Aircraft doesn’t fly. Entrances and exits to said city blocked and clogged with vehicles that won’t run. What year vehicle do you have? Most vehicles today would be severely impaired! Hospitals would be severely affected. As would it affect and disable computers, cell towers, transformers, aircraft, radar, water distribution systems, solar panels, factories and manufacturing, and the list could go on for a long time!

I respectfully disagree with your assessment!

More data below…


I am not concerned that a foreign power would attempt something like this on their own… More concerned about Deep State Actors within our own government who may possibly recruit assistance from a foreign power… For me, 911 was another wake up call that we have a greater domestic problem that needs to be addressed first… Trying every way to reduce our country down to third world status and allowing a take over for their New World Order… The USA is the target right now and the biggest obstacle for Globalists Controls… Once achieved, we can expect an invasion force… Either by China or the United Nations… They already have control over our Media, Social Networks, Big Industries and most of our Political Leadership… Only one man has been standing in their way, Donald Trump… As the USA generally paved the way for other free countries to emulate us, the easier Nations will all fall too… Just like dominoes…


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America is most definitely the linchpin for the free world. Europe/EEC/NATO could be a stronger unit against globalism/NWO, but nations within those entities suffer the plague of liberalism also. They have also diluted their once proud nations with the mistake of unchecked immigration, as America has, with seemingly only President Trump recognizing this problem and attempting to do anything about it. 9/11 was certainly a wake up call for America, but I fear we are snoozing, and the deep state/swamp is more of a threat than terrorism ever was. Terrorism was a threat most could identify as a threat. The deep state is innocuous and without clear definition to most.
The problems are many and mounting. The enemies of America swarm because the sense division and weakness! America does need Trump! The quality of leadership is so very hard to find in this new world where we are coerced by liberalism to shun leaders and reward those who “go along to get along.”
Always appreciate your wisdom and input! Thank you much.

The best to you and America in the New Year!
One of 6, One of Many

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Thank you for a great post. A few months ago I found out about how fragile our local power grid actually is. One of our substations lost a big transformer. The utility service didn’t have a backup to it because of the price. They had to drive all the way from South Georgia to Nashville Tennessee to get a replacement. We were without power for about ten hours. The longest that we have been without power was a few years ago when one of the hurricanes came through our area. The outage lasted almost a week. It was during the month of August and it was hot. We have six freezers that are packed full. You couldn’t put another thing in them if you had to. We were worried sick about all of the hard work invested in fresh vegetables from our gardens. One of my boyhood friends was working with the electric utility. He told us not to open any of the freezers for any reason. Every time you open the lid on one of them, you take twelve hours off of the hold time that they will last. He said that if they were full with no air spaces in them, they should last a week without any problems. We were on day five when they finally got our power back on. We checked all of them after letting them run for a couple of hours. Everything seemed fine. We didn’t lose a thing. That was during the heat of the summer. During the winter with much cooler temperatures they should last a little longer. Maybe a couple of days more? Never the less, don’t open those lids! Something that we did? We bought a large generator right after that. I told my wife that I would not be caught like that again. Anybody that doesn’t have a generator should invest in one. This time of the year you can buy them pretty cheap. We actually ordered two that were identical. I started checking around with folks that were knowledgeable about the sizes of generators and how much they would allow to be plugged into them. I could easily run all six freezers off of a single one. We were going to send one of them back but my wife put it on Facebook and asked if anybody wanted to buy it. We got them at$250, half the regular price and only wanted our money back out of it. She told her brother and his wife about it first. She told them that one that size usually costs over $500. They didn’t want it so she placed it on Facebook. No takers. So we carried it back to Wal-Mart and got our money back. About two weeks after we sent it back…wham! Another storm came through our area and knocked out the power supply again. Our phone was ringing off the hook. Have you still got the generator? Oh well. Learned lessons are hard lessons.

“In theory” the power grid has “redundancies” that bypass the major systems until things can be repaired or replaced. That does not mean it’s “fool proof” since many of these systems have not had a serious “overhaul maintenance” since the 1980’s or worse.

Many of the larger transformers take weeks or even months to replace because the power company does not keep the larger ones in stock because they are a multi-million dollar affair and most power companies are spending most of the government subsidies on salaries, bonuses and private yats and condos…er… I mean “company morale boosting” California ESPECIALLY.

That being said there are UNDERGROUND backup systems in most large cities or at least generators. how much of these systems are hardened against EMP is anyone’s best guess because I doubt the EMP resistance has been tested since the 1980’s.

Power systems in big cities would be spotty and mostly limited to police, government, and military but even with a nuclear level emp would not be completely wiped out.

an EMP strike is not necessarily nuclear there are “standard size” missiles that can deliver a “adjustable” EMP burst between 6-12 miles square,and portable “devices” with a yeild as small as a 1 block radius if you don’t deliver it by air.

The “worst case cenerio” is of course the one the military is trying to prepare for but it’s not the most likely in the case of a foreign army attacking.

I would expect strategic EMP use to disable vehicles and most major defenses in the area especially anti-air and tapping into the communications.

I agree the Liberal / Democrat run cities would definitely be the hardest hit in any situation that caused instability of ANY KIND but i think it would take more than a week of no power for society to break down

…even the delusional liberal utopian pipe dream “CHOP” was starting to try to set up police and law enforcing systems…it was retarded and didn’t work because they didn’t want police or laws that were absolute and applied to everyone but they would have eventually had something that kinda…worked…generally…probably

Take away FOOD and that’s another matter entirely THEN it would take a week or LESS for these adult shaped children keyboard warriors that live in Starbucks and have their parents pay half or more of their bills to have a mental breakdown and start robbing people for food and rioting.

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