We Used to Be Giants?

The tartarian rabbit hole continues… the song is good at the very least.


Offspring of nephilim?
They seemed peaceful enough…

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Nice video. I’ve seen a few of these compilation videos of giants dressed in fancy period clothes…makes you wonder

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Aw4some Post

5heres Deffo a Pattern

So much is hidden beneath our feet. Take a look its all around you, all over the world.

If your average citizen understood just how much they have been lied to…

Is talk about the “24 hour” vaccination of 330 million people starting to make sense? They are terrified of a mass awakening. That is why they hijacked the term “woke” which now really means asleep. That is why they created “fake news” to attack truth and their exposure. The MSM establishment is fighting for its life.


And For Those

Who Have Eyes To See…

Tis In DEED Every Where

One needs to look at ancient definition and then modern definitions of the word GIANT. In ancient times all was based on physical size and ability. Today what do we mean by GIANT? Is it the same meaning. Do you know what Rockefeller, DuPont, Ford and Vanderbilt referred to themselves as …as well as luciferians today…yep GIANTS. This must be considered.

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Nice! I enjoyed that, saw one or two of those people but never saw so many in one video, I like how people found it important to dress nice, it must have been frightening for the tailor when one of these guys walked in, probably had to do it outside. :grinning:

Two good Tartaria/Mud flood channels for people to check out…

I have seen Jon Levi posted here before, not so much for Martin Liedtke, he has a vast amount of work out there. I haven’t seen these pictures and material anywhere else. Dont be put off by the title, I have yet to see any real flat earth stuff on the channel. Probably one of those David Icke reptilian things, fine you can talk about the truth however we must be able to demonize you. You do great work Martin, Bravo, keep em coming!

Lots of good info, a little disinfo also - otherwise they wouldn’t be there. If you are the nay saying type, you’ll find a little niggle to here and there to cling to. Otherwise these guys have been doing some great work for years. Amongst many others, sadly they are starting to crack down on this topic as well, many channels now gone. We are now seeing the true purpose of Big Tech, love to say we told ya so!

So much of our history especially over the past 300 years that just does not add up. Did they write out of history a Golden age? It appears so. The amount of amazing “tartarian" buildings that have been demolished shortly after supposedly being built is staggering. especially here in America. Erasing our history right before our eyes.


This is in Moscow, it say “Water level, 11th of April 1908” about 6 feet/2 meters off the ground.

The other picture is in Moscow as well. Are the Russians moving to declass? This question terrifies some out there. Lets just say they are only showing the public just a little wee bit. Just the tip.



Interesting, and now all you ever hear about are the tech giants.

Mud flood!!!
Mud fossils.

Ive read a theory once that Adam and Eve were Giants too.

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I spotted robert wadlow in that video several times. At least some are genetics abnormalities. I do believe there were real giants at one time though.

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