Welcome to the all-new Disclose.tv


Thank you for the invite!

I noticed you were the only one to go through the tutorial. So, I joined you but haven’t gotten credit for completing it. Is this similar to @Brendace being in the que or did I screw up and take the wrong tutorial?

I might add that the tutorial is rather enlightening and will assist many in their future content creation.


You’ve learned all the Markdown essentials.

Go forth and write beautiful text …


Where is It?
I’ve Been
Looking For It
For Days…

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If I’m wrong I’ve wasted some time


@Lukas Please correct me if I’m wrong.
@Brendace I too look all over for a link. This is what I came up with. Either way it is a very good training aid for using this site.


Yep, all those markdown tags should work here.

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How do you get credit for the tutorial?
I want to change the number from one to two. :slight_smile :
Maybe @Brendace will complete too and we will initiate a 100th monkey situation in that members (regardless of how smart you are) will go through this ritual of learning and maybe complete both the beginner and advanced tutorials.

By they way, Posting up an offical DTV post with the address or maybe even creating a thread with pin for that matter would allow others the opportunity to find, take and learn.


It’s also mentioned in our First Steps guide for new users.

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New website or better APP is just awesome. Just made it in.


Tutorial Completed


Go Forth
With Beautious Text

A littlelate trying to figure this all out.
Thank you for the invite


Is there a “log off” button somewhere?

Main menu:


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Gotta admit some bad mods,for me was Spock but hey ho,some bloody great ones too @Slith@ironman57.
I stuck it it out,for the most part,Otto it was ok was always good when you dipped back in,hope this version keeps you about funny brilliant member,drew an inquiry from Lukas?:clap::ok_hand:

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On either PC or mobile, click your avatar on the top right, then click the gear, Log Out should be the last option there.

You can also log off using Shift+nn

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Looks good


Did You Get Yer Badge Yet?
Not Me…lol


How’d You Get Yer
Certified Badge Already?

I almost missed the invite since it went to my junk. This is looking good and seeing some nice features.

@brendace did you do the tutorial all the way till the end hun? It looks like this pic:

If you got that and didnt get the certificate instantly… something is terribly wrong, you hafta tag Lukkas and state your device, operating system and browser when you got this bug

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