Welcome to the all-new Disclose.tv

Great to see you here, i was there with L6, Spock, drex, brillbilly and many others too aye,
man glad your here old timer,
kidn regards from thecitizen, mediasorcerer, CX.

Good stuff brother/ :+1:

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Working fine on my phone.

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Luvly Wife?
Beautiful Kids?
Friends Here?

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Nowhere short of killing it :wink:…all things considered I’ve got nothing to complain about…everyone is healthy and happy…miss 6 got a new fishing rod/reel combo…you’d have to cut the smile off her face lol…that makes me happy af :beers:

Awesome Sauce❤

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Thanks for the invite, nice to feel like i fit in somewhere in this life. Love u all :heart:

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Hi Stone. I seldom reply but i remember u from way back when…

Thanks a bunch for reminding me of all those old caracters!

The lowsix/drextin show on a rainy sundayafternoon. Bring out the popcorn…

I do think you forgot credits for PINDZ though.
He was surely the cherry on the cake.

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What tutorial and where can i find this?? I was still strugling with DTV3 hehe.

And i would love to send you the beer emoij right now R.


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Can’t believe I forgot PINDZ

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@annabella I was just thinking today that PINDZ needs to make a come back >_< Also the Tutorial is a thing you can do over the messaging system where a bot tells you the basic functions of the site, and you get a virtual “badge” on your profile at the end, that other members can see.

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Pindz was insulted so many times by these so-called born again christians that seem to flock this site since they got their pathetic asses banned from Godlikeproductions and the likes.

You’ll run in to them here no worries. Everything regarding ufo’s let alone raging reptilians the DEMONcard gets drawn quicker than a snowflake will draw their racecard.

He just couldnt be bothered anymore with all the insults and namecalling and i dont blame him.
Hope he reads this and will make a comeback to DTV4.

The tutorial i will have to figure out. One more badge to go. Pindz is on youtube maybe you can persuade him? Cannie came back (survived a permaban) cus DTV is just not the same without these 2.

Take care babe and STICK AROUND!!


And that discobot is driving me NUTS!!

Enough already pfffft…

Can anyone explain how i can ad an emoij??

Scroll down to the emoji part:

:smile: i think ive got this figuered out.

Danke mein bruder


When you want to reply or post something, on the icons above theres a smily face, you’ll find emojis, or on your text keypad, smily face again. Im using a mobile phone though, so it might be different on a comp…

And i will do the full tutorial when im not so stoooned out anymore hehe. Thanks again for your quick reply.

@annabella I plan to stick around darling <3 <3

And I will do my best to get PINDZ MEDIA back on here :+1: :+1:

@annabella Apologies for delay in responding. How goes it? Might you’ve figured out using the bot to start the tutorial?

@otomon Where is Spock? His YT channel is

Been Long Time No post though

I’d also want to see join back EvilDweeb, Shaggietrip, NearlyaMinion, Troll2Rocks, Ayaflash. Data, Kinninigan

I hope they return and you are able to contact Pindz. I rather enjoyed his thread content and sage like :slight_smile: observations. there were many here lie that.

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When I look at my notices and I might have a large number of replies in one topuc, if I click on it once it takes me to the first reply only, is this because the relies are laid out by date, thing is if it is a busy post I have on occasion missed a reply.

Since New Replies All Go To The End

Say You Got 4 New Ones

The Will Be Together…
It Will Take To Oldest UnRead

Then You Just Read Them…

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