Welcoming in 2021

Seattle’s Space Needles amazing (ominous?) New Years show:

Make of what you will. The dna strand was interesting…
Blue beam, anyone?:thinking:


The year genetic editing goes mainstream.
Could a display in representation of the achievement and the beginning of the powerful and elite truly separating from the common species.

Ushering in transhumanism in the way of longevity and other genetic alterations.

Just a thought.


At the expense of who, though?
I’ve kicked the thought around and keep coming to the conclusion that, in their minds, sacrifices will be necessary in order to bring about this new paradigm.


Holy!!!.. W.T.F???

Have we really gotten to this level of projection technology in mainstream now???

I saw so many curious, interesting, and alarming visuals there!!!

Many of which have been discussed in a variety of topics that have been tossed back and forth here for years!!!


At the moment, All I can say is… Wow!!!


Just done some research on this show…
Apparently… Eye whitnesses could only see the “Magenta” glow of the needle…
All other effects were only viable by means of seeing “on screen”

And here I was thinking blue beam too.

Guess we can relax a bit…
Not there just… Yet…

But that being said…
The message T-Mobile sponsored here speaks volumes
To what is being planned for us…

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Wow Just FN


Multi Layered


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Thanks for the update. I think we have the technology just based on how far holograms have come, but I think the big stuff will be used when disclosure comes, along with the antichrist…

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Forced food shortages will likely be a vehicle for these ends if apart of the paradigm.

Engineered resistance to pathogens not given to the masses.

Wars for resource.

Could all be a means to an end.

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That’s It

Video link wont play. Just a black screen.
Damn it!!

That’s weird. Not sure what happened…

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BitChute appears to be down at the moment
Cant get the site to load, and videos linked are not playing


Just found one hang on… skip to 44:40 and enjoy.

@Star_Scrier, totally agree with ya. Fffff… I’m very surprised this has been released to the masses so soon. @silverfox yes your damn right its bluebeam. Been around for a long while. Reversed engineering. Weve had this since the 50’s since the Trueman/Eisenhower era. After them the doors were closed in that department of been involved with “Top Men”. Poor Kennedy didnt stand a chance.
Heres a little bit of proof that weve had this technology for a while…

There’s conspiracy and speculation that this type of tech has been used to manipulate us over the past 60 years.
9/11 maybe?
Cast your mind back to last year, the pope was rumbled because of a glitch in his hologram when he was supposed to give a speech from his balcony in Rome during lockdown. Not seen it? Here it is…

I’m questioning Notchbacks in my head now.


manipulating our dna through light and geometry and sonic sounds which is the shape of consciousness. Simulating what they want to achieve on a nano scale would be the real agenda here.


Oh Yeah 9 11 Deffo …

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NASA Project Bluebeam probably also responsible for the NASA International Space Station photo which these jpgs were taken directly from:

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This is pretty cool but It’s virtual not a hologram… I thought this was too :sweat_smile:

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Yes was hoping this was lazer tec but only graphics sadly and imagination,it’s all bollox this year even the football…we all saw how that Chinese lady manipulated this virus to get into primates.so what to be fair,it is what it is.this next year will be about 40% better I reckon.:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::facepunch:t2:

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